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Michael Curry’s royal wedding sermon will go down in history

Michael Curry’s royal wedding sermon will go down in history

Bishop Michael Curry

The American bishop did it black. And he shocked the congregation by refusing to tone down his passionate message on power and love

The candle flames were trembling. The pulpit was on fire. The bride and groom were waiting. As were the Queen, Oprah, Idris Elba, and Doria Ragland, now the world’s most famous yoga teacher. Just before he got on to the subject of fire, Bishop Michael Curry, the first African-American leader of the US Episcopal church, promised the happy couple, “and with this I’ll sit down, we got to get y’all married”. But there’s a lot to say about the French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and his relevance to modern technology and the concept of love and how this relates to Martin Luther King, so he went on for another three minutes.
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Jagdeo says Benschop should thank PPP for being pardoned; Benschop fires back

Jagdeo declares Benschop should go to church and pray for PPP because he was pardoned; Benschop fires back

The social activist said Guyanese still remember the many incidents that occurred under the Jagdeo presidency including the shooting of protesters and the murder of over four hundred persons during the crime spree. He said if there is anyone who should be praying for forgiveness, it would have to be Jagdeo.

Jagdeo declares Benschop should go to church and pray for PPP because he was pardoned; Benschop fires backOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on May 16. 2018 declared that political activist and former treason accused, Mark Benschop should be thanking him and the PPP and going to church everyday and pray for the PPP because he was pardoned.It was under Jagdeo’s Presidency that Benschop was charged for sedition and treason.READ MORE

MOVIE: Echos from the Plantation – Pickering Ontario – June 2. 2018

Bad Leaders Made Africa Poor – Professor P.L.O. Lumumba – video

Bad Leaders Made Africa Poor –“Africa Must Arise”- Lumumba

Godwin A. Allotey/

Renowned Kenyan Law Professor and Pan Africanist, Professor P.L.O. Lumumba, has attributed Africa’s endless challenges to the poor quality of political leadership on the continent.

According to him, leaders on the continent have failed to harness the opportunities that abound on the continent to liberate their people economically.

Speaking at a lecture dubbed “Africa Must Arise” at the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Lumumba admonished leaders on the continent to sit up.      Continue reading

A re-evaluation of the communist label of Cheddi Jagan is needed – by Harry Hergash

A re-evaluation of the communist label of Cheddi Jagan is needed

May 19, 2018 – In Letters: by Harry Hergash | Stabroek News
Dear Editor,

During his lifetime, Dr Cheddi Jagan was skewered, humiliated, and removed from government in 1953 and again in 1964 after being labelled a “communist”. More recently, in his article captioned, Cheddi Jagan, Communism and the African Guyanese (Stabroek News, March 22, 2018), Professor Clem Seecharan writes “… Having graduated in dentistry in the United States, he (Cheddi Jagan) and his Chicago-born wife, Janet Rosenberg (1929-2009), settled in British Guiana in 1943… They were both communists…”       Continue reading

Jagdeo, David Patterson, Khemraj Ramjattan and the IAC – By Freddie Kissoon

Jagdeo, David Patterson, Khemraj Ramjattan and the IAC – By Freddie Kissoon

By Freddie Kissoon

The brother of Minister David Patterson was arrested for narcotics in Grenada. Before that, there was a celebration in the New Amsterdam prison where prohibited items were in use. Bharrat Jagdeo took some nasty swipes at Minister Patterson. The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) took some nasty swipes too at Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Security.

Jagdeo thinks Patterson should do the right thing insinuating that he should resign though Jagdeo stated that the Opposition Leader is not calling on Patterson to resign. The IAC is demanding Ramjattan’s resignation. Both Jagdeo and the IAC are creatures from another world that the Guyanese people need to read up on. Here are some notes about them.    Continue reading

Guyana Independence Day: Dream of a Model Nation – By Vidur Dindayal

Guyana Independence Day: Dream of a Model Nation

By Vidur Dindayal

We celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Guyana’s independence with prayers of thanks to all, past and present who made it happen. We remember their sacrifices and we honour them with a place in our hearts and in saying their names with reverence.

Guytopia is a model nation in the new world. It is what I dream Guyana would be. We are blessed with highly educated Guyanese, second to none in the world, to make this a reality.

In celebrating Independence Day, I reflect on who we are, our journey as a nation, what we can become and how we can get there.

Continue reading

Guyana’s Rupununi: Which of us hasn’t wanted to be a cowboy? – By Geoff Burrowes

Ole time ‘tory or livin’ the dream …Which of us hasn’t wanted to be a cowboy or fireman?

By Geoff Burrowes

All the facts in this yarn are true apart from the ones that have been stretched to make it a better tale!

The beach house perched on tall stilts on the Buxton foreshore. The party was hot and heavy. The rum was rich and dark. Old timers will remember it fondly – it wasn’t from Bookers or Sandbach Parker but was distilled in Robb St by a maverick, Tommy Houston. It caused a warm glow when it hit the stomach and conversation flowed freely.

‘You don’t have to go all the way to Australia. Rupununi Development are looking for staff!’ Clive Bettencourt’s dad was Chairman of Rupununi Development and Monday morning I went to see him. He knew my Dad and I left his office with a job offer. That was how business was done in those days.     Continue reading

Invitation to 52nd Independence Flag Raising Ceremony – Toronto City Hall – May 26. 2018

Download: Invitation to 52nd Independence Flag Raising Ceremony – Toronto City Hall. Canada

Genuine Diaspora returnees bring an immeasurable quality back to Guyana – GHK Lall

Genuine Diaspora returnees bring an immeasurable, invaluable quality back to the table of Guyana

Dear Editor,  [ Letter by GHK Lall ]

From time to time, the returning Diaspora attracts deep-seated misunderstanding and malice.  The parochial are rankled at those who “come fuh tek deh ting” and who supposedly benefit from their heroic struggles according to cries from the self-martyred.  There is substantial agitation in the childish jealousies and sharp anger directed at returnees.

What would this society be without the ministrations of an involved and caring Diaspora subset?  That is those souls who put hard-earned (clean) assets at the disposal and service of local communities, be such through schools or hospitals or groups or any of the numerous areas in dire need of a hand?  No names need be mentioned; it is enough that there are known to those who feel their warmth and their generosity.     Continue reading

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