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The Cliff of Nuclear Annihilation: Humanity is on the Brink of Extinction!

The Cliff of Nuclear Annihilation: Humanity is on the Brink of Extinction! Thirty Seconds to Midnight

Refugees fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the spring

The trickle of refugees fleeing the U.S. to Canada could become a deluge in the spring

By Alan Freeman February 23 at 3:00 AM – Washington Post

refugees-in-canadaPhoto: Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police help a family from Somalia on Feb. 17, 2017 along the U.S.-Canada border near Hemmingford, Quebec. (The Canadian Press/AP)

OTTAWA — As desperate asylum seekers continue to flee the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown by crossing into Canada, concern is growing here over whether the country will be able to cope if the number of migrants keeps growing.    Continue reading

Hot Topics in Guyana; Trump the Parking Meters – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Hot Topics in Guyana; Trump the Parking Meters – by Francis Quamina Farrier


Parking meter demo

Over the past month, (January/February 2017) I have been accessing what is the most popular talking point by Guyanese here in Guyana. Certainly there is a tie with the actions of the new American President, Donald Trump, in the White House, and the actions of Guyanese who are for and against the recently installed Parking Meters in Georgetown. These two “Hot Topics” are discussed everywhere you go in this beautiful English-speaking country.   Continue reading

Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 18 February 2017

Capitol TV logoGuyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 18 February 2017

City Hall and Smart City Solutions working to restructure controversial parking meter project

Posted: 18 Feb 2017 01:52 AM PST

Diamond Mineral Water Sports Roundup – Feb 17

Posted: 18 Feb 2017 01:51 AM PST

GWI says it is working with the fire department

Posted: 17 Feb 2017 07:27 PM PST

City Vendors are not happy with City Hall officials

Posted: 17 Feb 2017 07:26 PM PST

Caricom to hire lobbyist firm to tackle it’s concerns of De-risking and Correspondent Banking to the political directorate in the United States says Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister

Posted: 17 Feb 2017 06:53 PM PST

Barbados: Economy Between a Rock and a Hard Place With General Elections Looming

Barbados Underground

Submitted by Inkwell

barbados-election-map-2013 2013 Final Electoral Map, the government won by a 2 seat margin

1. Consider this argument. The Central Bank (CB) Governor has refused to print any more money for the Minister of Finance (MOF). The MOF needs printing to continue to pay civil servants and keep Government running. If the Government can’t pay the civil servants this month, all hell will break loose. Therefore the CB Governor has to be fired so that somebody who will agree to print the money can be appointed. These delays being granted by the High Court are making the MOF nervous. Time is of the essence. But Jeez, if the printing continues, the economy will only get sicker.

2. Foreign reserves are at an all-time low and heading further south, and with the poor tourist season we are now having, not much hope for recovery. The Government can’t even put its…

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Trump Divides and Rules – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Trump Divides and Rules – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Opinion - commentary -analysisimagesWhy protest? You can sit and do nothing. They will gradually chip away at your rights while you are busy with other things. Then one day you will wake up to find that the liberties you took for granted are gone, and never to be replaced.

You make some token noises but no one really listens. It is too late. The alternative is to peacefully rise up and let your voice join in a crescendo that advocates for change. The tone in Washington is ugly, incorrect and poisonous and looks likely to get worse. The voices for change are needed more than ever before.   Continue reading

Less skin, more God and no racism: How Brazil’s left and right want to change Carnaval

Less skin, more God and no racism: How Brazil’s left and right want to change Carnaval

Brazil - Carnaval

Brazil – Carnaval

  – February 11, 2017. Washington Post

You’ve seen the images of Brazilian Carnaval. A sea of people in the streets, oiled-up women samba-dancing at lightning speed and packs of trumpets, trombones and drums blasting out singalong songs. But this year, the annual tradition of full-throttle lascivious indulgence is showing signs of change as well.

Brazil’s increasingly powerful evangelical church and its progressive movements are both pushing to refine Carnaval to match their often opposing priorities. As a sign of the times, the Brazilian city of Olinda, famous for its street festival, has two new additions this Carnaval: a “Gospel zone” and an “LGBT zone.”

The changes are perhaps most evident in this year’s controversy over the glitter-coated woman who dances across Brazilian TV screens this time of year.    Continue reading

News Headlines from News Americas Now – 17 February 2017


CARICOM Heads Meet Again: Will Anything Change? All Talk No Action? + calypso

CHALKDUST – A Trinidadian Calypsonian, summed it up in a Calypso in 1986, in the time of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and when George Chambers was Trinidad’s Prime Minister. He was calling then for Caribbean Unity.…  Here is his Calypso.

Chalkdust – Sea Water And Sand – Calypso -1986

More on Dr. Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool, aka Chalkdust below:

Continue reading

Opinion: Netanyahu Fantasized About a GOP President, Our Cruel God Gave Him Trump

Opinion:  Netanyahu Fantasized About a GOP President, Our Cruel God Gave Him Trump 

In place of the deep discussions on history and philosophy he dreamt of, Netanyahu should keep it short and simple.

Chemi Shalev | Haaretz – Alternative Views NOT Alternative Facts

This week, Benjamin

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

will round out his 4000th day as prime minister. He spent most, if not all of them, fending off a Democratic president who, he believed, was out to do him harm. Which is why Wednesday was to be one of the happiest in his life, the day he would be received royally at the White House, make himself comfortable in an Oval Office armchair, smile at the cameras, silently thank God and finally have the time of his life.

Netanyahu must have fantasized about his first meeting with a Republican president like Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and even Newt Gingrich. There would be great chemistry between the two leaders, as well as deep understanding and wall-to-wall agreement. The American would gaze at Netanyahu with admiration, and might seek his counsel about the war on terror or reviving the economy.   Continue reading

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