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Washington DC: Diaspora hears Govt’s development plans

Washington DC: Diaspora hears Govt’s development plans

By Francis Quamina Farrier

MEMBERS of the Guyanese Diaspora in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area of the United States, filled the public area of the Guyana Embassy in Washington, DC, on Friday April 21, 2017.     Continue reading

Several detained at anti-government protest in Suriname

Several detained at anti-government protest in Suriname

Suriname protest march

PARAMARIBO, Suriname; Riot police in Suriname detained several individuals including a union leader during anti-government protests in the capital Paramaribo. During the fourth demonstration since April 6, participants called on the government to stop its “policies of destruction”. Numerous protesters chanting anti-government slogans even called for president Desi Bouterse to resign.     Continue reading

France confronts more domestic discontent — in French Guiana

France confronts more domestic discontent — in South America

Map of The Guianas

April 18, 2017 – Washington Post Global Opinions contributing columnist.

You would think that France, with its 400-year history as a colonial power, would be better at managing its overseas territories. Yet a simmering confrontation between the authorities in Paris and protesters in the French department of Guiana burst into violence on April 7, when several policemen were injured (and one hospitalized) during a demonstration.

Three days later, President François Hollande urged the protesters to end their actions and offered to meet with the territory’s elected officials to plan “Guiana’s future.” The activists turned down a meeting but temporarily lifted their barricades to let their fellow Guianese do their Easter shopping.    Continue reading

Iran’s Presidential Election Takes Predictable Turn – by M K Bhadrakumar

Iran’s Presidential Election Takes Predictable Turn

Posts by: M K Bhadrakumar – Indian Punchline

The ‘known unknown’ in the fateful decision handed down on Thursday by Iran’s Guardian Council on the approved list of candidates for the forthcoming presidential election on May 19 was as regards the candidacy of former president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. That was for three main reasons. First, he is a colourful personality who occupies a unique spot in Iran’s political spectrum, which qualifies to be called ‘leftist’. Iran’s politics needs such a platform, given the nature of its problems of development.

A contestation between the Conservative Right and the Moderate Right detracts from the authenticity of the electoral arena. The paradox is that while there is a faction known as ‘reformists’ in Iran, it serves the same class interests as the conservative religious establishment.    Continue reading

The Common Tongue of Our Descendants – By Joshua Hehe

The Common Tongue of Our Descendants

By Joshua Hehe – April 17, 2017 – The Futurist Files –

At the moment there are roughly seven thousand languages in use across the planet. Currently, the most prevalent language in the world is Chinese. However, this hasn’t really spread out past the borders of China, and very few people speak Chinese as a second language. Today, Spanish has more native speakers than English, but French is actually becoming more widespread. It is spoken in Canada and parts of Africa, as well as many other countries besides France.     Continue reading

The future of transportation is already here – Alex Moura

The future of transportation is already here

Apr 13, 2017 / Alex Moura

Let’s shake ourselves out of our four-wheeled stupor, look at the vehicles and devices being developed, and reimagine how we’ll move around our cities, says TED technology curator Alex Moura.

Humanity has come a long way from traveling by horse, but when we consider the future of transportation in cities, too many of us are still stuck in the 18th century. We still envision our streets full of four-wheel chariots (minus the horses), and our future as relying on cars or car-like vehicles, because that’s all we know. Why this myopia? For most automakers and transportation companies, adhering to the status quo is more profitable than experimenting; their business models, even for forward thinkers like Tesla, depend on their keeping drivers tethered with maintenance and service.     Continue reading

U.N. Peacekeepers Lured Children Into Haiti Sex Ring

U.N. Peacekeepers Lured Children Into Haiti Sex Ring

Sri Lankan soldier in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Apr 14 2017  (AP) — The Haitian girl known Victim No. 1 was 12 when she first had sex with a Sri Lankan peacekeeper. She says she didn’t even have breasts yet.

The boy, known as Victim No. 9, was 15 when his ordeal began. Over the course of three years, he said he had sex with more than 100 Sri Lankan peacekeepers, averaging about four a day.

From 2004 to 2007, nine Haitian children were exploited by a child sex ring involving at least 134 Sri Lankan peacekeepers, according to a U.N. report obtained by The Associated Press.   Continue reading

CUI BONO – “who benefits” from the gassing of Syrian civilians? – By Uri Avnery

CUI BONO – “who benefits” from the gassing of Syrian civilians?

– By Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery

CUI BONO – “who benefits” – is the first question an experienced detective asks when investigating a crime.

Since I was a detective myself for a short time in my youth, I know the meaning. Often, the first and obvious suspicion is false. You ask yourself “cui bono”, and another suspect, who you did not think about, appears.

For two weeks now, this question has been troubling my mind. It does not leave me.

In Syria, a terrible war crime has been committed. The civilian population in a rebel-held town called Idlib was hit with poison gas. Dozens of civilians, including children, died a miserable death.

Who could do such a thing? The answer was obvious: that terrible dictator, Bashar al-Assad. Who else?

REACTION      Continue reading

The End-of-World Scenario. The Real Danger of Nuclear War – commentary

What Would a US-European-Russian War Look Like? The End-of-World Scenario. The Real Danger of Nuclear War

Since the April 6 missile strike, the Trump administration has issued new threats against Syria and new ultimatums to Russia to end its support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad. On Wednesday, President Trump defended the unprovoked strike and called Assad a “butcher.”

The G7 powers over the weekend lined up behind the US strike and its pretext—the totally unproven claim that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town. They endorsed Washington’s renewed drive to topple Assad, Moscow’s only Arab ally in the Middle East.     Continue reading

Caribbean Life News Update – 12 April 2017

Caribbean Life News Update – 12 April 2017   

US, SVG sign new Open Skies Agree­ment


The United Depar­tment of State says the Trump adminis­tration has welcomed the signing of the new Open Skies Agree­ment between the United States and St. Vincent and the Grena­dines.

Hamilton, Bichotte hail ‘Raise the Age’


At least two Brooklyn legisl­ators have hailed the historic “Raise the Age” legisl­ation that had been before the New York State Legisl­ature for over a decade.

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