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What Future for Our Children? – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

What Future for Our Children? – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

“They have bad manners, show disrespect to elders and contradict their parents and are tyrants with their teachers.”

Does this sound familiar? This was Aristotle commenting on young people hundreds of years ago. We wonder what he would say if he had seen on Facebook a twelve-year old child posting semi-nude pictures of herself for the world to see. There are also children that take guns to school and create mayhem. Aristotle would also have been horrified to see children in sagging pants wriggling like ducks on the high street or burning the midnight oil playing video games.

The question is: where did childhood go? Are our children growing too fast? Childhood is a time when the young should have innocent fun, when they should enjoy the company of their friends and should take pride in their studies.    Continue reading

Free Online University Course Providers From Around The World

A Massive List of Free Online University Course Providers From Around The World

 It’s been more than five years since online education got a massive boost when three free online courses, taught by Stanford professors, launched in October 2011. Each of these courses has had over 100,000 students.

Professors launched three online course websites: Coursera, edX, and Udacity. And the media started calling the courses provided by these websites “MOOCs”: Massive Open Online Courses.

Since then, more than 700 universities around the world have launched free online courses. By the end of 2016, around 58 million students had signed up for at least one MOOC.

Many countries around the world — like India, Mexico, Thailand, and Italy — have launched their own country-specific MOOC platforms.     Continue reading

The Pope and the Powerless – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Pope and the Powerless – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

US President Donald Trump and Pope Francis

We come from everywhere Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America We hide in the bowels of ships And stowaway in the cargo of planes. Dodge bullets and run from dogs. And get nightmares about fences and walls.

We do these things and more. To experience the land of liberty-and dreams. And to provide for our families. So they too can say they are Americans.         Continue reading

Canada’s Trudeau tells US governors to ditch ‘America First’ – BBC News

Trudeau tells US governors to ditch ‘America First’

July 14, 2017 – BBC News

Canada’ PM Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told governors from across the US to ditch the “America First” motto.

His National Governors’ Association speech in Rhode Island on Friday July 14, was a first for a Canadian prime minister. In his speech, Mr Trudeau urged US governors to embrace their neighbour to the north and avoid protectionism.

It is all a part of his aggressive strategy to promote a “thinner border” ahead of vital trade talks with the US renegotiating the Nafta treaty.   

President Donald Trump has made “America First” his mantra, shaping his policies on trade and immigration.     Continue reading

The conviction of former President Lula of Brazil’s – a political purge

Brazil – Why the Lava Jato corruption investigations must continue

The Economist   The Americas – Jul 15th 2017

Lula da Silva

ALMOST three-and-a-half years after it began as a seemingly routine probe into money-laundering, Operation Lava Jato (“Car Wash”) has reached a critical stage. On July 12th Sérgio Moro, a federal judge, sentenced Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a former president, to almost ten years in prison, ruling that he was given an apartment worth 2.2m reais ($690,000) by a construction firm that had received padded contracts for work on an oil refinery. Congress this week began debating whether to allow a trial of the current (centre-right) president, Michel Temer, who is charged with benefiting from a bribe of $150,000, which he denies.   Continue reading

France: Brand new Macron, same old colonialism – By Eliza Anyangw

France: With this slur against Africans, Macron’s radical pretence is over | Eliza Anyangw

Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s casual slur against Francophone Africans over birth control bodes ill for a progressive French presidency. Plus ça change

Continue reading

Canada: Black Lives will only matter when the Black Vote matters – By Yvonne Sam

Black Lives will only matter when the Black Vote matters

By Yvonne Sam

Black lives will never matter in Canada until they matter to Black people enough that will force them to utilize every tool in the toolbox to fight back, and the biggest tool is the Black vote.

A lingering question permeating the minds of Blacks throughout the Canadian provinces  is how many more not guilty verdicts can the community take especially when it comes down to police officers and the shootings of unarmed Black males.  Yet, another devastating blow was dealt to the black community in Toronto when recently an inquest jury ruled the case of Andrew Loku, a South Sudanese native a homicide, a verdict which does not carry any criminal or civil liability.   Continue reading

The Falsehood at the Core of Trump’s Warsaw Speech

President Donald Trump

The Falsehood at the Core of Trump’s Warsaw Speech

The problem was not so much the speech as the speaker.

David Frum | The Atlantic

Sunday was “trivialize violence against the media” day for President Trump.Thursday was “fly to Warsaw and champion Western values day.”

As presidential speeches go, Trump’s address in Warsaw was fair – Ish. If you forget who is speaking and what that person has been saying and doing since Inauguration Day — since the opening of his campaign in 2015 — and really through his career.

But if you remember those things, the speech jolted you to attention again and again.     

Continue reading

A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight

A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight

The disruptions of climate and conflict are sparking perilous global insecurity

Paul Rogers

Friday, July 07, 2017 by – by  Paul Rogers

 ‘What seems to be most significant today, and increasingly accepted within the FAO and other agencies, is that climate change is becoming a permanent reality affecting food supplies in many parts of the world. It is not something for the future, but is happening now.’ (Photo: Asian Development Bank/flickr/cc)

Six years ago there were fears of a transnational famine developing across much of eastern Africa. At least 11 million people were at risk in what might have been the worst disaster of its kind since the early 1970s (see “A world in hunger: east Africa and beyond“, 21 July 2011).     Continue reading

Triple Threat to Merkel’s G20 Bump: Putin, Erdoğan, Trump

Triple Threat to Merkel’s G20 Bump: Putin, Erdoğan, Trump

Angela Merkel

To make the summit a success, the German chancellor must find a way to stand up to the USA president while avoiding a collision.

By Janosch Delcker | Politico

BERLIN — For Angela Merkel, meetings like the G20 summit in Hamburg are usually an opportunity to shine. This one comes with a strong dose of trouble.

The long-time German leader is known as the “summit chancellor” — Gipfelkanzlerin— for her ability to turn powwows with world leaders into bumps in the polls. Repeating the feat this week will require a tricky balancing act.  Continue reading

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