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Medicinal cannabis (Marijuana) industries established in Jamaica and St. Vincent

Jamaican Business to Produce Cannabis-Based Medicinals


Medicinal cannabis

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Thursday February 1, 2018 – A Jamaican manufacturing company has entered a joint venture with US-based biotechnology company United Cannabis Corporation (UCANN) and Cannabinoid Research and its local subsidiary company, Cannabinoid Research and Development Company Limited (CRD), to produce cannabis-infused water and other cannabis-based products.     Continue reading

Data and medicine … A revolution in health care is coming – The Economist

Data and medicine … A revolution in health care is coming

Welcome to Doctor You

NO WONDER they are called “patients”. When people enter the health-care systems of rich countries today, they know what they will get: prodding doctors, endless tests, baffling jargon, rising costs and, above all, long waits. Some stoicism will always be needed, because health care is complex and diligence matters. But frustration is boiling over.

This week three of the biggest names in American business—Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase—announced a new venture to provide better, cheaper health care for their employees. A fundamental problem with today’s system is that patients lack knowledge and control. Access to data can bestow both.


What we don’t teach kids about sex | Sue Jaye Johnson – TED Video

What we don’t teach kids about sex | Sue Jaye Johnson

As parents, it’s our job to teach our kids about sex. But beyond “the talk,” which covers biology and reproduction, there’s so much more we can say about the human experience of being in our bodies.

Introducing “The Talk 2.0,” Sue Jaye Johnson shows us how we can teach our children to tune in to their sensations and provide them with the language to communicate their desires and emotions — without shutting down or numbing out.

Obesity: not just a rich-world problem | The Economist – video

Obesity: not just a rich-world problem | The Economist

The Economist – Published on Jan 24, 2018

Obesity is a global problem, but more people are getting fatter in developing countries than anywhere else. If current trends continue, obese children will soon outnumber those who are undernourished.

People are fatter than ever. Obesity has more than doubled since 1980. But the biggest rise is in the developing world.                 Continue reading

Schools: Early Sex Education or Imposed Indoctrination – By Yvonne Sam

Schools should be centres of Education not  mentors of Indoctrination

By Yvonne Sam – letter to the Editor,  Kaieteur News

With a heavy heart, I read the impassioned plea of the writer in  Kaieteur News January 20, 2018 (see letter below),  as he called on parents and members of the community to do their utmost in ensuring that the appropriate educational authorities refrain from emulating Western Europe and North America as regards the curriculum on sex education, especially the proposal of the LGBT, to introduce homosexuality and gender issues in the schools.

To coin a quote from the famous 18th century British poet Alexander Pope ”Hope springs eternal in the human breast”. This may be one issue that the reader may be forced to put to rest, as the horse has already left the stable.   Continue reading

Is sex the answer to your relationship woes? – By Amelia Hill – The Guardian

 – Sun 21 Jan 2018 – The Guardian

Michele Weiner-Davis, the marriage-guidance counsellor, explains why she thinks having sex – even if you don’t feel like it – is the foundation of a happy relationship

How does it make you feel when your partner is cold and distant? Or when they’re critical and prickly? Does it make you want to rip their clothes off, order in a vat of whipped cream and install a chandelier to swing from?

No? Well there’s your problem – according, at least, to Michele Weiner-Davis, the marriage-guidance counsellor whose Ted talk (SEE VIDEO BELOW), explaining her unconventional advice to warring couples has been viewed almost 3.5 million times online.         Continue reading

Some Ways of Reducing Cellphone Radiation Exposure

Ways of Minimizing Cellphone Radiation Exposure

Scientists can’t seem to make up their mind about cell phones. Do they produce radiation? Yes. Is the radiation they produce harmful to us? They aren’t sure. However, putting all their reports together, a pattern of tips and precautions becomes clear.

The most important thing you need to know right away is that your phone sometimes transmits a stronger (and therefore more hazardous) signal, while at other times it will transmit very weakly or not at all.

Some Surprising Biological Differences between Men and Women 

Some Surprising Differences between Men and Women 


It is not uncommon to hear people say “it’s a man’s job,” when referring to specific tasks. Although this statement is not true at all, it still has a certain basis inherent in human biology.
The differences between the sexes do not only add up to our reproductive organs, but also the structure of our bodies, the type of hormones that are secreted, and the changes that have occurred over many years in the evolutionary processes. Today you’ll discover what the surprising biological differences are between men and women.

The true cost of being too busy, are you prepared to pay it? | Debbie Hayes | TEDxNantwich – Video

The true cost of being too busy, are you prepared to pay it? | Debbie Hayes | TEDxNantwich – Video

TEDx Talks-  Published on Nov 22, 2016
Busy, busy, busy that was Debbie Hayes until a chance accident gave her the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect. In this talk Debbie explores our modern world where technological transactions and the need for instant gratification are replacing even our most fundamental values and connections. But is it possible to achieve a balance of success without sacrifice and what are the costs?         Continue reading

Opinion: Mini Ice Age by 2021 not 2024, Every Continent Will be Affected

Mini Ice Age by 2021 not 2024, Every Continent Will be Affected

Adapt 2030     – Published on Jan 6, 2017
New news headline out as NASA admits Mini Ice Age coming faster than anticipated. All continents are now showing signs of cooling. With summer snow in New Zealand, record snow in Athens, Central Asia record cold, North America record snows, Sahara desert snows, Middle East blizzard, and Australia 5X rains and desert floods. Get ready as there is no where to run.
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