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Welcome to the GUYANESE Online Blog

The Guyanese Online Blog celebrated its Seventh Anniversary on February 9, 2017

The Newsletter and Blog for Guyanese Associations and Groups, and individuals Worldwide

Welcome to the Guyanese Online Blog.

This Blog’s first entry was on February 9, 2010 and the first Newsletter was published in March 2010. It was created by Cyril Bryan, as a project to help Guyanese in the Diaspora to be connected to some of the positive news from Guyana, as well as to the work being done by Guyanese organisations around the world.   Blog entries are inserted regularly and there was also a monthly newsletter, emailed to thousands of Guyanese around the world.

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Happy New Year [HD MusicVideo] ABBA


The Christmas and New Year Season is illuminated with lights of all make, color, shape and description. But the true meaning of the Christmas and New Year Season is not about the lights that surround us but the light that is inside of us.

The New Year is the time of unfolding horizons and the realization of dreams whether you are young, middle- aged or a senior citizen.     Continue reading



Shepherds were in the field that night

When the land was filled with heavenly light

An Angel of the God spoke the Holy Word

Born today is a Savior who is Christ the Lord   Continue reading

President Obama – National Thanksgiving 2016 – video

President Obama – National Thanksgiving 2016

Published on Nov 23, 2016

President will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey in a ceremony in the Rose Garden. The President will celebrate the 69th anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation, reflect upon the time-honored traditions of Thanksgiving, and wish American families a safe and healthy

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day 2016


LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT – by Dave Martins + videos

Facebook: Dave Martins and The Tradewinds – June 5 at 8:57am ·Edit Edit date and time

LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT by Dave Martins.  – Credits Sunday Stabroek News.

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

In the midst of the daily complaints in the media about this problem and that, it’s a relief to sometimes see the bright spots. In this past week for example, my daughter in Canada sent me a wonderful story about a group of fire-fighters from South Africa (see video below), who showed up as volunteers to help with the horrendous bush fires that had hit Alberta destroying hundreds of homes.

The Canadian firemen were exhausted after almost a month fighting the raging fires every day; the 281 South African firefighters arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, about a week ago to help battle the massive fires spreading across the province – and their first reaction was to immediately burst proudly into song and dance. One of them told reporters that one of the reasons they came was a consequence of Canadian support for South Africa in its apartheid battle some years ago. “This is payback time,” he said.  Continue reading

Colin Powell delivers some harsh words for the Republicans (GOP)

Comment by Colin Powell - Republican

Comment by Colin Powell – Republican   Click to enlarge

The collapse of parenting: Why it’s time for parents to grow up

The collapse of parenting: Why it’s time for parents to grow up

Maclean’s – Cathy Gulli – 2016-01-07

Young girl shouting to camera. (Stuart McClymont/Getty Images)For modern families, the adage “food is love” might well be more true put another way: food is power. Not long ago, Dr. Leonard Sax was at a restaurant and overheard a father say to his daughter, “Honey, could you please do me a favour? Could you please just try one bite of your green peas?” To many people, this would have sounded like decent or maybe even sophisticated parenting—gentle coaxing formed as a question to get the child to co-operate without threatening her autonomy or creating a scene.

To Sax, a Pennsylvania family physician and psychologist famous for writing about children’s development, the situation epitomized something much worse: the recent collapse of parenting, which he says is at least partly to blame for kids becoming overweight, overmedicated, anxious and disrespectful of themselves and those around them.    Continue reading

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 – from Guyanese Online



Boney M – Auld Lang Syne

A Child is Born – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Baby Born in Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

Baby born in Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan
Photo Credit: BBC News

A child is born
his mother weeps at his cross
hewn by the Empire.

A child is born
his mother dies in childbirth
to bring him into light.

A child is born
a mother weeps for her daughter
born into bondage.

A child is born
a woman stands by in silence
while he spits out hate.

A child is born
mothers cry out in pain
when men rain fire on Earth.

A child is born
women feed men’s lust and greed
to dominate the world.

A child is born
male and female in harmony
they bring peace on Earth.

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