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Guyana: Bauxite Centennial activities in Linden October 23-29, 2016

Subject: Bauxite Centennial activities in Linden October 23-29, 2016

From: Paula Walcott-Quintin, Linden Fund USA Chair, Bauxite Century Secretary

Dear Bauxite Century colleagues:

Please see the information below on behalf of Horace James, Bauxite Century Chairman.

The week of October 23 to 29, 2016 has been designated Bauxite Century Week. The following activities have been planned in Linden. All are invited.

Also, please see some press coverage in chronological order, so far. The links are listed below.       Continue reading

Guyana – The truth means nothing to the politician – By Adam Harris

The truth means nothing to the politician

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Opinion - commentary -analysisI am convinced that politics is about deception. It is about making one group of people look good and at the same time, criticizing the other. But in doing so the politicians give credence to the adage that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

When the coalition government came into office it did so on the back of a lot of promises. It has been able to keep some of these promises, but others have proven difficult. The result of the failure has led to rampant criticisms.
One of the promises was transparency. The government had promised to make available the numerous contracts signed by the previous government. However, the nation has suddenly found that it cannot be made privy to the Marriott contract. That is something that I cannot understand.           Continue reading

Bai Shan Lin: the Chinese logger with multiple interests in Guyana

Bai Shan Lin: the Chinese logger with multiple interests in Guyana

05 Sep  by Janette Bulkan

The victory of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) coalition in Guyana’s May 2015 elections signalled the end to the uninterrupted rule of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) that had begun in 1992.

Many also expected an end to the preferential treatment given to partially state-owned Chinese logging company Bai Shan Lin (BSL), which in 2007 began operating in this small but resource-rich South American country nestled between Venezuela and Suriname on the Caribbean coast to the north of Brazil.

The APNU coalition had promised during its election campaign that the “rule of law” would prevail under its watch, and that companies benefitting from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) agreements would have to comply with both the terms of their contracts and Guyanese law. Yet Chinese companies, such as BSL, continue to dominate.   Continue reading

Guyana’s Natural Resources: Zero Tolerance for Vaitarna and Bai Shan Lin –

Guyana- loggingOpinion - commentary -analysisThe sudden decision by China to provide aid to Guyana was hardly puzzling.

We knew that another principle of distributive justice was at work; one that was not formally articulated, perhaps deliberately muted because of the disparate goals of the parties at the deal table.

The world was already watching on at the not so subtle creep of China into the Caribbean and surrounding countries that shared the same dependency on foreign aid because the choices of their post colonial leaders – selfish governance, greed, corruption – led to economic underdevelopment and stagnation that left these countries sitting on potential they were unable to develop.

India, its equally insidious partner, was hot on its heels and did not go unnoticed, either.    Continue reading

Exxon Mobil Contract Review… We have a right to review any contract — Trotman tells Jagdeo

Exxon Mobil Contract Review… We have a right to review any contract — Trotman tells Jagdeo

Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Raphael Trotman.

Raphael Trotman.

Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo.

Bharrat Jagdeo.

Moments after being criticised by the main Parliamentary Opposition’s Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Raphael Trotman, fired back. He described Jagdeo’s comments as nothing but “trash”.

Earlier yesterday during a Press Conference hosted by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) at the party’s Headquarters in Robb Street Georgetown, Jagdeo heavily criticized the move made by Trotman to review the 1999 Exxon Mobil contract.    Continue reading

Gold roars past 300,000 ounces – production projected beyond 600,000 ounces for 2016

Jun 28, 2016  – Kaieteur News 

 Government is aiming to top the 600,000 ounces mark for gold declaration this year with the first half showing encouraging signs.
As of June 22, last, around 315,000 ounces have been declared for the year so far, with Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, stressing yesterday that contributions from the small and medium scale miners have been significant.

Of course, the two large players have been strong with Canadian-owned Guyana Goldfields Inc. targeting 75,000 ounces for the first half.
“Things are looking very positive. As you know, oil prices are going up. Gold has gone up significantly and we are looking to crest that 600,000 annual mark.”

Minister Raphael Trotman

Minister Raphael Trotman

That revised target will be significant, by any means. Last year, Guyana surged to 451,000 ounces despite a four-year low in gold prices.
An ambitious 550,000 ounces was set for this year but it looks this will be easily surpassed.   Continue reading

Guyana’s First Lady working with Minister Broomes to tackle TIP

Capitol TV logoFirst Lady working with Minister Broomes to tackle Trafficking In Persons (TIP)

Published on Jun 15, 2016

BaiShanLin’s iron grip on Guyana… Company in almost all sectors

BaiShanLin’s iron grip on Guyana…Company has tentacles in almost all sectors

MAY 8, 2016 | BY -has 19 companies registered

-businesses include mining, housing, logging, transportation, hardware, etc

Bai-shan-lin log yard -Kwakwani

Bai-shan-lin log yard -Kwakwani

Over two years ago, its activities in Guyana came under the spotlight raising concerns about the extent of its presence here.
In Region Ten, along the Upper Berbice River, a huge log storage area was discovered, signaling heavy activities in the area.

It was later revealed that BaiShanLin, a Chinese company, had managed to take control of over 700,000 hectares of forest lands.
The investor, much to the shock of other industry stakeholders, was also given a blank cheque, to the tune of billions of dollars, on tax breaks and duty free concessions.   [Read more]

Here are some more details…
Bai Shan Lin’s logging operations in Guyana: “Exploitation, disruption and destruction”
By Chris Lang 19 August 2014

Over the past two weeks, a series of articles has appeared in the Kaieteur News about Chinese logging company Bai Shan Lin’s operations in Guyana. The articles accuse Bai Shan Lin of operating illegally. The Guyana Forestry Commission responds that “there is no circumventing of Guyana’s logging laws by Bai Shan Lin”.

The first in the series of articles published by the Kaieteur News, dated 7 August 2014, has the headline, “Bai Shan Lin circumvents Guyana’s logging laws…Ships Billions $$$$ of high priced logs monthly” and it ran on the front cover of the newspaper:
Read more..


Oil exploration activities in Guyana waters intensify

Oil exploration activities in Guyana waters intensify


The Deep Water Champion Oil Exploration Rig

The Deep Water Champion Oil Exploration Rig

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Thursday February 25, 2016 – Oil exploration efforts have intensified following the discovery of commercial quantities of oil in Guyana’s Maritime Zone.

Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd. (EEPGL) has commenced a meteorological and oceanographic survey in the Stabroek Block, scheduled to be completed during May 2018.

And March 9 will see the commencement of seismic surveys within the Canje block for a period of six months.    Continue reading

Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 08 February 2016

Capitol TV logoGuyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 08 February 2016

The majority of Guyanese realise that the good life beckons says business minister Dominic Gaskin

Posted: 08 Feb 2016 04:09 PM PST

Government to take stand against Bullies in the mining sector

Posted: 08 Feb 2016 04:08 PM PST

The Government will have zero tolerance with delinquent millers says Prime Minister

Posted: 08 Feb 2016 04:07 PM PST

Minister Broomes take on an opposition PM over the treatment of women in 2016 budget

Posted: 08 Feb 2016 04:06 PM PST

Guyana will Blossom once the budget is passed says an APNU AFC Member of Parliament

Posted: 08 Feb 2016 04:05 PM PST


Posted: 08 Feb 2016 04:00 PM PST

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