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DIASPORA TIMES NEWSLETTER – August 24, 2015 – An APNU-AFC Publication

DIASPORA TIMES NEWSLETTER – August 24, 2015 – An APNU-AFC Publication

Diaspora Times - August 2015Download: DIASPORA Times AUG. ISSUE-Circulate

Contents:  PAGE 3: The Chinese also came     PAGE 4-5: Approaching Venezuela implosion     PAGE 6-13: Budget 2015    PAGE 14: Cricket and the 50th anniversary    PAGE 15: Learning and Diaspora    PAGE 16: The Search for a better life.    PAGE 17: The Law: Govt. must tread carefully    PAGE 18-19: Racial harmony possible?    PAGE 20: The change that is unity.    PAGE 21: The Legacy    PAGE 22-23: Green City Winds of change    PAGE 24: Where are you from?    PAGE 25: Promised land.    PAGE 26: Why worry?    PAGE 27-28: News Flash.   Continue reading

GIHR NEWS – Emancipation Edition 2015 Newsletter- Download

Guyana Institute  for Historical Research (GIHR)

Download: GIHR News Emancipation 2015 Edition

Inside – 

  1. David Hinds, ‘On being Black’.
  2. Elton McRae, ‘Cuffy 250 Committee’
  3. Nigel Westmaas, ‘The African-Guyanese Press’.
  4. Hazel Woolford, Gender, African-Guyanese women and politics in contemporary Guyanese society, 1953-2015’
  5. Chronology of African-Guyanese History : 1626-2015
  6. KIDS History Vacation School    Continue reading

GCA Caribbean Heritage Summer Workshop Series – 2015 Newspaper

Download: Summer Workshop Series 2015 NEWSPAPER

GCA Caribbean HeritageSummer Workshop 2015

GCA Caribbean HeritageSummer Workshop 2015 – Click to enlarge



The GCA 2015 – Arts in the Community 
This comprehensive series of master classes follows the mission of Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.  Its curriculum is based on the dedication of this organization and its offshoot, Guyana Folk Festival, to preserve, promote and propagate the rich cultural heritage and folklore of Guyana.
Although the focus is the multiethnic culture of Guyana, this series explores any and all connections among the various territories of the Caribbean region and the Diaspora.

Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine – July 2015

GCA-July2015GCA New York On-Line Magazine – July 2015     [DOWNLOAD]


Summer arrived at our doorstep with characteristic warmth and expectancy, and happiness abounds. With some trepidation, we also acknowledge that half of the year is gone. But we have no time to despair. As we look around, we see faces that glow in the sunshine; children running through sprinklers to cool down from the heat, families gathering on beaches and fun parks; our very own Summer Workshop in full swing with the formation of new bonds of friendship as our children spend time together.

Yes, this is our pleasure – this wonderful summer break before we confront the next season, or it confronts us! With the cooperating weather and the deluge of activities choked into a mere few months, GCA throws its doors wide open to showcase another season of activity that builds on the longevity of our purpose and supports our theme, We Bridgin’. And the excitement has already begun.  Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Asso. New York- April 2015 On-Line Magazine

 Guyana Cultural Asso. New York- April 2015 On-Line Magazine

GCC-NY April 2015

Click to download

Download: GCA -NY April 2015 Magazine

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR  – Lear Matthews – April Editor.

Greetings! Wah happenin dey?…..We are grateful for the continued support of our patrons and delighted to welcome new readers, as the long anticipated spring blooms fresh daffodils, tulips and water lilies in both our adopted home and our dear land of rivers, streams, savannahs and majestic mountains. A country as rich in tradition as its natural resources, yearning for transformation that would unleash its real potential, and to which many in the Diaspora will truly call “home” again.

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Buxton-Friendship Newsletter – February 2015 and 175th Anni. Banquet- NYC May 16, 2015

From: Buxton-Friendship Express []

Hello Villagers and Friends of Buxton.

We are pleased to share with you the Buxton-Friendship Express newsletter for the month of February 2015. We encourage you to share it with your family members and friends who may not be on our address list.

As you know, this year (2015), marks 175 years since our premier village was purchased by previously enslaved African labourers. We would like to encourage groups, particularly those in Buxton, to organize and promote events fitting this milestone. Let us show appreciation for the sacrifice, love and legacy from our ancestors!

In New York, we plan to have a 175th Anniversary Gala Banquet Celebration on May 16, 2015. Awards will be given to villagers for outstanding contributions and service to the community. There will be a keynote address, cultural presentations and a delicious assortment of traditional dishes. We would greatly appreciate your contribution and/or support. For more details, please click on the following links:   Continue reading




GCA magazine - Jan 2015

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Magazine January-2015

IN THIS ISSUE    PAGE 3-5: A Life of balance   PAGE 6-10: Tribute to Faith Harding     PAGE 11: IDs for non-immigrant      PAGE -12: Musical Life in Guyana      PAGE 13: Caribbean Scriptwriting        PAGE 14-16: Artist George Simon     PAGE 17: New Year Resolution     PAGE 18-19: Assemblywoman Roxanne Persaud    PAGE 20-21: John Phillips      PAGE 22-23: Elusive Guyana Sound :      PAGE 24-25: Promoting Guyana Folk Songs     PAGE 26-27:       Dis Time Nah Lang Time!      PAGE -28-29: I come from the gutter Juliet Emanuel. Continue reading

Guyana Foundation Newsletter – September 2014

4a90f018-864f-42da-94fb-fd5ca1b52d7d Guyana Foundation Newsletter

Transforming the Lives of People for a Better World.

Dear Friend,

Over the past month, the Guyana Foundation has made important strides in expanding the impact of its programs.

Our volunteer base continues to grow, while at the international level, we have seen more and more individuals stepping forward to be a part of our work.

One such individual is Vidya Seekwar-Jaisaree, who has graciously accepted an invitation to join our Board of Trustees for a two year term, commencing on October 1, 2014. Vidya is a Guyanese-born Canadian educator, and brings a distinguished track-record of excellence in Canada to her new role with the Foundation. We are delighted at her addition to our team, and hope that you would join us in warmly welcoming her.  Continue reading

Buxton Friendship Express May 2014 + Cultural Soiree, Brooklyn- June 21, 2014

Buxton Friendship Express May 2014 + Cultural Soiree June 21, 2014

Fellow Villagers and Friends:

It is our pleasure to bring you the Buxton-Friendship Express for MAY 2014. You may download the attached file, or click on the following link to access a copy:

We are taking this opportunity to remind you that our fundraising Cash Raffle to benefit Children’s Education projects in Buxton will be drawn on June 21, 2014 at our Summer Soiree in Brooklyn. Raffle books are $5 each and some are still available. Please contact me ASAP if you would like to support with your patronage.

Our annual Cultural Soiree will be held on June 21, 2014 at 454 Vermont Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214. If you can attend, we will gladly welcome your support.

Buxton Soiree

GCA New York – Online Magazine – May 2014


GCA - May 2014


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