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Seven Guyanese honored by the Guyana Action Committee (GAC) in NYC

Seven Guyanese honored at fundraising event

HOW COME – By Dave Martins + music video

HOW COME – By Dave Martins  – Credits Stabroek News.

Dave Martins

One of the things I’ve noticed about people in the arts field – writers, painters, architects, etc – is that they are unconventional thinkers so that although they are people who obviously operate vertically, they are also observers, in an almost horizontal manner, of mankind.  An example of this is that I have noticed that often completely engrossed in some creative project, I will suddenly be caught by a completely extraneous thought that has no relation to my project.  Most of these wanderings are usually brief but I will often find myself left with the “how come” question still nagging me. (I may have gone down this road before, but new “how come” examples keep popping up.)     Continue reading

The UNADDRESSED in the Black Community – By Yvonne Sam

The UNADDRESSED  in the Black Community

By Yvonne Sam

It is not only the police who lay claim to having a monopoly on the Code of Silence. No way! When it comes to certain topics in the Black community then there is a cloistered way of silence.  For various reasons we do not want to address it , and at times it has caused some confusion  We want to address racism and injustice, but that’s strictly on the outside, it  is the inside that is an entirely different ballgame.

There are some hot button topics that Blacks refuse point blank to talk about and/ or acknowledge, even if they know it is right or wrong.  Here are some things that Black people would not and will not not address:

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Barbara Atherly – International Civil Servant – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Barbara Atherly – International Civil Servant

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Barbara Atherly

Her life is rich, rewarding and purposeful. She carries herself with humility and charm and she is currently Guyana’s Consul General to New York. But Barbara Atherly is much more. She is an international civil servant that has made a difference in the lives of others. This fearless woman has worked in some of the most challenging places on the planet to bring relief to children and she has done so with grace and dignity.

Barbara is an anthropologist’s dream: she has lived in different cultures, has involved herself in the lives of the communities and has helped to bring about positive changes wherever she was posted. Barbara was born in Charlestown in Georgetown, Guyana, but she grew up in Durban Street.    Continue reading

Israel: Parliamentary Riffraff – Uri Avnery

Parliamentary Riffraff 

Uri Avnery

WHEN I first entered the Knesset, I was shocked by the low standard of its debates. Speeches were full of clichés, platitudes and party slogans, the intellectual content was almost nil.

That was 52 years ago. Among the members were David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Levi Eshkol and several others of their kind.

Today, looking back, that Knesset looks like an Olympus, compared to the present composition of that non-august body.

AN INTELLIGENT debate in today’s Knesset would be as out of place as a Pater Noster [Our Father] in a Synagogue.    Continue reading

Caribbean Life News Update – 19 May 2017

Caribbean Life News Update – 19 May 2017

Community News Group
One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Guyana officials to highlight Guyana Unity Movement events


The Guyana Unity Movement, a Brooklyn-based non-profit, will welcome First Lady of Guyana, H.E. Sandra Granger and Attorney General Basil Williams, to its first charitable weekend of events, since its massive Unity March on Church Avenue in 2015 to bring Guyanese together.

Caribbean countries urged to tax tobacco, alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages

BY NELSON A. KING | HEALTH    Continue reading

We are nothing but shadow and mist – By Freddie Kissoon

We are nothing but shadow and mist

Freddie Kissoon

Here are some of the lyrics from the theme song of the movie, “Last Tango in Paris,” definitely the second greatest existentialist film ever made after the Italian masterpiece, “La Dolce Vita.”

“We don’t exist
We are nothing but shadow and mist
In the mirror we look as we pass
No reflection’s revealed in the glass
Don’t you know that the blood in your vein is as lifeless
as yesterday’s rain?
It’s a game where we come to conceal – the confusion we feel” 

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The all-or-nothing cricketer – Chris Gayle’s batting strategy is unique

The all-or-nothing cricketer – Chris Gayle’s batting strategy is unique

But the best T20 player who ever lived is also a relic

What Makes A Country Happy – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine – commentary

What Makes A Country Happy – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The images from Syria are horrible.

Why would a ruler want to use chemical weapons against his own people? There are many tragic scenes that tug at the heart but one man holding his dead twin daughters will forever be seared in the memory.

While the world waited for Trump’s response the usual blame game and denials surfaced. The fact is that Syria is one of the unhappiest places on earth. But it is not alone.

It is followed by Afghanistan, Burundi and Togo in the latest World happiness Report.  Continue reading

Imagining Donald Trump’s Downfall: A Greek Tragedy in Five Acts – Opinion

Imagining Donald Trump’s Downfall: A Greek Tragedy in Five Acts – Opinion

The James Comey scandal embroiling the White House has the making of a tragedy –although the tragic figure is hardly heroic

Lawrence Douglas | The Guardian UK

Sophocles might have done it justice: a leader of immense power is so obsessed with perceived challenges to his legitimacy that he behaves in a manner that destroys whatever legitimacy he might have. It has the making of a tragedy – although in this case, the tragic figure is hardly heroic and the unfolding tragedy is potentially national in scope.

Act One     

President prowls White House, obsessed that an investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and a foreign adversary has cast a pall over his legitimacy and his “miraculous” electoral victory.     Continue reading

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