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Hate In The City – We Should Build Bridges – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Hate In The City – We Should Build Bridges

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine – in The West Indian – September 10, 2016

There are over 1000 hate groups in the United States. Their aim is to cause mayhem and destruction by using religious and other differences to spread hate.  It is reported that since 2000 hate groups rose by over 50 percent.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, ‘their rise has been fueled by growing anxiety over jobs, immigration, racial and ethnic diversity, the election of Barack Obama as America’s first Black President and the lingering economic crisis.  Most of them merely espouse violent theories; some of them are stockpiling weapons and planning attacks.

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England’s Forgotten Muslim History – NY Times Commentary

Murad III, left, Elizabeth I, right. Ullstein Bild, via Getty Images (left); The Print Collector/Getty Images (right)

London — Britain is divided as never before. The country has turned its back on Europe, and its female ruler has her sights set on trade with the East. As much as this sounds like Britain today, it also describes the country in the 16th century, during the golden age of its most famous monarch, Queen Elizabeth I.

One of the more surprising aspects of Elizabethan England is that its foreign and economic policy was driven by a close alliance with the Islamic world, a fact conveniently ignored today by those pushing the populist rhetoric of national sovereignty.     Continue reading

Guyana Action Committee (GAC) – Raising voices to stop gun violence



Guyana Action Committee (GAC) – Culture to combat gun violence

BY TANGERINE CLARKE | ARTS & THEATER – Caribbean Life News – September 20, 2016

The Guyana Action Committee (GAC), a non-profi­t will bring together some of Guyana’s artists including the Hooper Sisters, saxophoni­st, Flantis and Gospel singer Di Nike Amos to raise their musical voices in a cultural presentat­ion against Gun Violence.

The event will be held at St. Stephens Church Hall, 2806 Newkirk Ave., (between E 28 and 29th streets) in Brooklyn, on Friday, Sept. 30, 2016 from 8 pm.

The event will come alive with the Caribbean rhythms of African Drummer Mboya Wood, followed by a fashion show, skits and dance performances, as GAC kicks off a series of activities to raise funds to combat gun violence which continues to plague the communities.   Continue reading

President Barack Obama Town Hall at UWI, Jamaica – April 9, 2015 – video

President Barack Obama Town Hall at UWI, Jamaica – April 9, 2015

Guyana 411 – September 16 2016 – CULTURE – featuring Guyana’s First Peoples – GINA video

GINA logoGuyana 411 – September 16 2016 – CULTURE – featuring Guyana’s First Peoples

“Law of Attraction” Theory Explained – from Karmic Reaction Blog

Karmic Reaction Blog

The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.”


“Law of Attraction Quotes:

Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.– Rhonda Byrne

You create your own universe as you go along.– Winston Churchill

It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction.– Charles Hammel

See the things that you want as already yours. Know that they will come…

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Americana Behaving Badly – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Americana Behaving Badly – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine2

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

It is not only about Kanye West grabbing the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands or the fact that he says he is God. It’s not only about someone shouting ‘You lie’ at President Obama or Serena Williams going ballistic with a line umpire. It is about all of these and more. It is about the decline of civility in America.

Anthony Weiner is fodder for the Freudians. He had it all and lost it. Weiner ‘sexts’ at the expense of his marriage and dares us to catch him. The crotch shots are his desperate and convoluted cries for help. What about the presidential campaign and civility? There is no doubt that the current presidential campaign is a confederacy of yobbishness that pulsates with incivility.

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China’s Tech-Savvy, Burned-Out and Spiritually Adrift, Turn to Buddhism

China’s Tech-Savvy, Burned-Out and Spiritually Adrift, Turn to Buddhism

“Calling All Grand Mothers” – Poem by Alice Walker – Rosaliene Bacchus’ Blog

Three Worlds One Vision

Hard-Times-Require-Furious-Dancing-Alice-Walker-Front Cover

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing by Alice Walker
Photo Credit: New World Library

My Poetry Corner September 2016 features the poem “Calling All Grand Mothers” from the poetry collection, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, by Alice Walker, an African American poet, writer, and activist.

Renowned for her Pulitzer Prize winning 1982 novel, The Color Purple, Alice Walker started her literary writing career as a poet at the age of seven or eight in the racially segregated southeastern state of Georgia. Her first poetry collection (1968) drew from her experiences in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

The title of Walker’s poetry collection caught my attention. She notes in the Preface: “I share losses, health concerns, and other challenges common to the human condition, especially in these times of war, poverty, environmental devastation, and greed that are quite beyond the most creative imagination… I have learned to dance……

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Patriotism is for Black People – Donald Trump and the Selectivity of White Rage – by Tim Wise

Patriotism is for Black People: Colin Kaepernick, Donald Trump and the Selectivity of White Rage

August 30, 2016 – by Tim Wise

US PatriotismSo just in case you were wondering, when a white man bellows that America is no longer great, and in fact is akin to a third world country, and that many other countries are better than we are at all kinds of things — and this is why we should elect him, so he can “make America great again,” because right now, we’re sorta suckin’ wind — that is the height of patriotism. The kind of talk we need! The kind of nationalistic endorsement around which all Americans should be willing to rally.

And when this same man says black people aren’t safe from other black people, and they can’t even walk down the street without getting shot by other black people, and that’s why they specifically should vote for him, so he can make their communities safe, that too is to be understood as a laudable commentary, even an ecumenical “outreach” to African Americans. Because black folks naturally love it when white men tell them how utterly degenerate is their daily existence, having spent exactly zero time in actual black communities so as to know what the hell they’re talking about.       Continue reading

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