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The Writing Life: Giving Thanks – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

At the end of May 2017, I received an unexpected request by e-mail from Vitor Rafael Siqueira de Araújo, a young poet, literature teacher, and freelance Portuguese/English translator in Roraima, North Brazil. His first poetry collection is due for publication in 2018.

With a bachelor’s degree in English and Portuguese literature from the University of Roraima, Vitor is currently enrolled in a postgraduate course in Translation Studies. Specializing in the translation of short stories, Vitor sought permission to translate one of my short stories.

I selected my most popular short story, The Ole Higue, published in July 2008 in the Guyana Journal (New York/USA). Considering that my short story contains dialog in Caribbean Creole English, Vitor’s project was very ambitious.

With its origins in West African mythology, the ole higue is an evil spirit that takes the form of an ugly, repulsive old woman that sucks the blood of…

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Terrorism—Incitatory or Revelatory? What has the term achieved? – By Yvonne Sam

Terrorism—Incitatory or Revelatory?What has the term achieved?

By Yvonne Sam

Who has the final say–—Man or Lexicon?  Or would term remain  racially designated?

Terrorism now at the center of semantic jousting suddenly and without warning bombarded our collective consciousness, to the point where nowwe are unable to stop hearing or reading of it.

Ironically the word comes up constantly in newscasts, congressional debates and speeches by world leaders, usually as a way of garnering and securing public support for one security measure or another.     Continue reading

The Hidden Dangers of Technology – six videos

The Hidden Dangers of Technology

Day after day, we rely on technology to help us do so much, but how many of us have ever really stopped to think about the negative impact that technology can have on our lives? The six videos below discuss various issues with different kinds of technology, as well as what can be done to reduce the harm that they can potentially cause.  Here are the titles of the six videos:-
  1. The Dangers of the Internet
  2. All About AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  3. The Problem With Smartphones
  4. All About Emotional Technology
  5. Does Technology Ruin Relationships?
  6. Why I Quit Social Media For a Year

We are Sick of Racism, Literally Douglas Jacobs | The New York Times

We are Sick of Racism, Literally

Douglas Jacobs | The New York Times

Estifanos Zerai-Misgun, a black Brookline, Mass., police officer, pulled up in an unmarked car and greeted his superior, a white lieutenant. He wasn’t prepared for the response by the lieutenant, who said, as he gestured at the vehicle, “Who would put a black man behind one of these?”

“I was shocked,” the officer later told a Boston news station about the experience. It was one of several derogatory racial comments he would hear on the job. It got so bad that he and a black colleague walked away from the force in 2015.      Continue reading

The Hollywood Sexual Harassment Saga  – By Yvonne Sam

The Sexual Harassment Saga  – By Yvonne Sam

Is Hollywood in need of a boost— The Chickens have finally come home to roost.

While the tsunami of revelation of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual behaviours swirls around Hollywood, it is worth mentioning that content unavoidably reflects the culture that creates it.   Silence further serves as complicity to the sordidity.

Suddenly and without warning the floodgates of Hollywood have been thrown wide open, and pouring out (even from between the cracks) like molten lava have been accusations and revelations of predatory sexual behavior. Name after name has been followed by shame after blame as the list grows with each beat of a female’s heart or unrequited male alarm charm.    Continue reading

Deviation from the Accepted Norm – By Yvonne Sam

Deviation from the Accepted Norm

By Yvonne Sam

Experts now claim that from the age of 2 a child can know he/ she is transgendered. At birth, a child’s mind is a blank slate. He/she must be taught to think and reason properly

Clearance on Appearance

Not so long ago on a planet called Earth with inhabitants called humans, were (depending on presenting sexual organs) at birth identified as either male or female.Once a sex was assigned, we presumed the gender of the child. Someone born with a penis would be a boy and someone with a vulva would be a girl.     Continue reading

“If I Had My Way” – Poem by Guyanese-Canadian Poet Yvonne Sam

From the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog.

Three Worlds One Vision

Think and Work Wisely - Painting by Guyanese Artist Philip Moore

My Poetry Corner November 2017 features the poem “If I Had My Way” from the poetry collection, Life’s Many Faces: Fun-on-the-Run (2013), by Yvonne Sam, a Guyanese-born poet, nurse, educator, and community volunteer. For the past forty years, she lives in Canada where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, following a thirteen-year nursing career in England. To fill a need for teachers in her community in Montreal, she later obtained a Masters in Education and a Diploma in Adult Education.

While Yvonne Sam maintains a light tone throughout her collection, she does not shy away from injecting an irreverent tone or strong moral convictions when dealing with life’s controversial issues. As a black woman and teacher, she urges “Black Youth” to get an education, to stay in school. She propels them forward in her poem:

So move on black youth let not your mind tire
Education must…

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Five Books to Make You Less Stupid About the American Civil War — Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic

Five Books to Make You Less Stupid About the American Civil War

Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic

On Monday, the retired four-star general and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly asserted that “the lack of an ability to compromise lead to the Civil War.” This was an incredibly stupid thing to say.

Worse, it built on a long tradition of endorsing stupidity in hopes of making Americans stupid about their own history.

Stupid enjoys an unfortunate place in the highest ranks of American government these days. And while one cannot immediately affect this fact, one can choose to not hear stupid things and quietly nod along.     Continue reading

Whither to?—– Respect & Morality – By Yvonne Sam

Whither to?—– Respect & Morality

By Yvonne Sam

“To educate a man in mind and not n moral is to educate a menace to society”. (Theodore Roosevelt)

Permit me to respond to the impassioned plea for a return of moral values made by Mrs. Paula Hamilton the headmistress of St. Rose’s High School. (Caribbean Life, October 24, 2017).     Continue reading

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Putting Philosophy into Practice – By Yvonne Sam

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Putting Philosophy into Practice

By Yvonne Sam

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month — a month dedicated to raising awareness of the fact that binary, non-binary, lesbian, gay, trans-gendered, and bisexual individuals all experience intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.  The entire month is designed to focus on educating the public at large about the reality of domestic violence through publicity, vigils, statistics and events. It is often difficult to get a true picture of domestic violence as often it remains  hidden within the home.       Continue reading

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