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WE MUST EMBRACE ALL OF GUYANA by Dave Martins – Credits Stabroek News.

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

In a recent column I made a passing reference to a comment from Stabroek News writer Alan Fenty who had posed the question in his column whether “one could be Guyanese – spiritually and culturally – without being Indian, African, European or Chinese?” I answered Alan at the time saying the answer is “no, because we are made up of all these strands from other places, plus the Amerindian one, so to be truly Guyanese you have to see all those strands as part of you.” However, I felt at the time that his comment called for more elaboration, hence my effort today.

I would widen the comment above by saying that if we are truly Guyanese, and to be “one people” in fact and not in rhetoric, we should be abandoning these ethnic divisions we so rigidly practice and embracing instead the astounding variety of strong powerful expressions that make up the Guyana mosaic. We should see our diversity as values to be embraced with all the ingredients coming under one umbrella, the one called Guyana, instead of positions dividing us by origins.   Continue reading

Address by President David Granger at Commemorative Ceremony for the Demerara Revolt 1823

Address by President David Granger at Commemorative Ceremony for the Demerara Revolt 1823

logo -Min of PresidencyPublished on Aug 20, 2016 – Ministry of the Presidency

The full text of the address by President David Granger at the Commemorative Ceremony for the Demerara Revolt 1823

The 1823 Monument for martyrs of the 1823 Insurrection

US Elections 2016: The Greatest Show on Earth – By Tom Engelhardt

US Elections 2016: The Greatest Show on Earth 
How Billions of Words, Tweets, Insults, and Polls Blot Out Reality in Campaign 2016 
By Tom Engelhardt

trumpYou can blame Donald Trump for many things in this bizarre season of political theater, but don’t blame him for the phenomenon itself.
He may have been made for this moment with his uncanny knack for turning himself into a never-ending news cycle of one and scarfing up billions of dollars of free publicity, but he was a Johnny-come-lately to the process itself. After all, he wasn’t one of the Supreme Court justices who, in their 2010 Citizens United decision, green-lighted the flooding of American politics with the dollars of the ultra-wealthy in the name of free speech and in amounts that boggle the imagination (even as that same court has gone ever easier on the definition of political “corruption”).

As a certified tightwad, Trump wasn’t the one who made it possible to more or less directly purchase a range of politicians and so ensure that we would have our first 1% elections. Nor was he the one who made American politics a perfect arena for a rogue billionaire with enough money (and chutzpah) to buy himself.    Continue reading

Guyana awaits oil dollars – By Bert Wilkinson


By Bert Wilkinson – Caribbean Life – August 19, 2016

Exxon-Mobil- Deep Water Champion Oil Exploration Rig

Exxon-Mobil- Deep Water Champion Oil Exploration Rig

Last week, Guyana’s main opposition party accused government of doing very little to get key infrastructural projects going and spur employment, suggesting that the administration is hedging all its bets on the massive oil and gas find off the coast.

This is despite the fact that U.S.-owned Exxon Mobil which first declared that it had found a humongous oil well at a location 150 miles offshore, will not likely pump the first barrel of oil before 2020.

As the days went by government has not done very much by way of answering the opposition charges but a chat with anyone connected with the country’s newest cash cow sector will realize there are frenetic preparations in the run up to 2020.   Continue reading

Guyana: Diaspora Times International – July 2016

Download: Diaspora_Times International – July_2016

Diaspora Times

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – July 2016 + video on Buxton

Buxton – Friendship Express Newsletter – July 2016 + video on Buxton

Fellow Buxtonians and Friends,

We are pleased to share with you our newsmagazine for this month. Please download the attached copy or click on the following link to access it:

On the occasion of our 178th Emancipation Anniversary next Monday 1st August, we extend warm greetings to all our brothers and sisters. We also salute the struggles and sacrifices of our African ancestors and thank them for their courage and inspiration.

Lorna Campbell. Editor, Buxton-Friendship Express –

Spotlight on Buxton – July 30, 2016 – GINA video

Politics: Who are ‘Gonna Take Back Guyana’? – By Ralph Ramkarran


   Written by Ralph Ramkarran – Saturday, 30th July 2016  9:00 pm
Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Accusations of racial discrimination in Guyana’s politics by Guyanese politicians are nothing new. Between 1957 and 1964 the PPP Governments endured charges of ‘apaan jaat,’ adapted to mean ‘support your own kind.’ During 1964 to 1992 the PNC Governments were consistently accused of racial and political discrimination. Between 1992 and 2015 PPP Governments were targeted by the Opposition for ethnic cleansing and ethnic discrimination. No one should therefore be surprised at accusations by Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, and the PPP that racial discrimination is taking place in Guyana.

The realities of Guyana have caused our main political parties to take cognizance of the fact that organized political expression and activity are driven by ethnic insecurities. Both Indians and Africans feel more secure in supporting parties that they believe represent and protect their ethnic interests.   Continue reading

President Granger: “Return to historical pillars of success” -Emancipation message at Den Amstel

President calls on villages to return to historical pillars of success -Emancipation message at Den Amstel

granger_ebenezerPhoto: President Granger addressing the congregation at the Den Amstel Ebenezer Congregational Church this morning for the special Independence and Emancipation service

President David Granger on Sunday called on the residents of Den Amstel Village, West Coast Demerara, to take up the mantle of continuing to build strong villages, through the upholding of the four historical pillars of success; family, religion, education and gainful means of employment, especially in the area of agriculture.

As the country prepares to celebrate Emancipation Day on Monday, August 1, 2016 President Granger, who was at the time speaking at the West Coast Demerara Group of Congregational Churches and the Religious Community of Den Amstel’s Inter-Denominational Independence and Emancipation Service, which was held at the Ebenezer Congregational Church in Den Amstel  said that emancipation saw the development of new societies, which were established through village movements.   Continue reading

Jagdeo spews racism in New York, Govt demands a retraction

Jagdeo spews racism in New York, Govt demands a retraction

Jul 26, 2016 – Kaieteur News

Bharrat Jagdeo

Bharrat Jagdeo

In a recording that has been circulated widely on social media, Jagdeo told an attentive gathering that currently in Guyana, “there’s an assault on our democracy, there’s an assault on people of Indian origin, there’s an assault on supporters of the PPP (People’s Progressive Party).
What we thought would never return to Guyana, in just one short year has returned with full force, and even worse in some regards than the Burnham era.”

He spoke of a state of affairs where people’s transported lands are being “snatched” and “140 new taxes were increased”. This development, he disclosed, has been targeting the rural poor, who are mainly the supporters of the PPP.   Continue reading


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