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America’s forgotten working class | J.D. Vance – 2 videos

America’s forgotten working class | J.D. Vance   TED  Published on Oct 17, 2016

J.D. Vance grew up in a small, poor city in the Rust Belt of southern Ohio, where he had a front-row seat to many of the social ills plaguing America: a heroin epidemic, failing schools, families torn apart by divorce and sometimes violence. In a searching talk that will echo throughout the country’s working-class towns, the author details what the loss of the American Dream feels like and raises an important question that everyone from community leaders to policy makers needs to ask: How can we help kids from America’s forgotten places break free from hopelessness and live better lives?

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Everything can always work out – Commentary by Oliver Mills

Everything can always work out – Commentary by Oliver Mills

Published on July 19, 2017 – Caribbean News Now

Oliver Mills

Caribbean culture has conditioned us to believe that life is a struggle, that there are always hurdles, and even people with unwelcoming attitudes, who will always make things difficult for us. Our history has been misinterpreted to make us feel as victims, when we are the victors. And our societies have been structured in such a way to make us feel that there will always be the haves and the have nots, and disadvantage and bad breaks are a part of life.

But all this belongs in the realm of mythology, and false beliefs. The true situation is, we were born to be achievers, to manage all challenges, and to succeed at everything we put our minds and strength to. Because everything can always work out in our interest.   Continue reading

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago an ‘idea whose time has come’? – commentary

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago an ‘idea whose time has come’?
Published on July 20, 2017 – Flora Thomas on Global Voices

Marijuana plant

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Even as many parts of the world move towards the decriminalisation of marijuana, Trinidad and Tobago still considers its cultivation and use illegal.

As early as 2014, activists in neighbouring regional territories were agitating for the “freeing up” of the herb. By February 2015, Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to decriminalise marijuana when its House of Representatives passed a law allowing possession of up to two ounces of cannabis. The new legislation also allows users to grow up to five plants for personal consumption, and guidelines are being established for the cultivation and distribution of both medical marijuana and use of the herb for religious ceremonies.     Continue reading

Canada’s Quebec launches Public Consultation on Systemic Racism and Discrimination – By Yvonne Sam

Canada’s Quebec launches Public Consultation on Systemic Racism and Discrimination

By Yvonne Sam

Is this exercise yet another reporting charade? Or is a change within range?

Finally Quebec is moving in step with her neighbour Ontario, following the aftermath of a 2,662-signature petition tabled by Québec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir, which called for “the creation of a consultation commission on systemic racism”. On Thursday May 20, Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Kathleen Weil unveiled plans for the public consultation on systemic discrimination and racism in Quebec, scheduled to commence next September. To this end the Government and Quebec Human Rights Commission along with non-profit groups intend to keep province -wide meetings, geared towards listening to experiences of racism, and to institute action based on what it hears.     Continue reading

Why Has The Conservative Class Become So Dependent on the Politics of Race? – Joumanah El Matrah | The Guardian

Why Has The Conservative Class Become So Dependent on the Politics of Race?

Joumanah El Matrah | The Guardian Australia Edition

Conservative ideology does not require racism and yet it is increasingly being viewed as part of its intellectual framework and its branding

There is a theory of race which argues that the concept is a myth, created to justify imperialism as it looted global resources and enslaved entire populations. People had to be categorised as less human and civilised to make the horror of colonisation possible.

The idea that race is a falsehood created to serve broader economic interests has never really entered mainstream political thought nor has it featured prominently in anti-racism work. I suspect this is partly due to the theory’s failure to adequately speak to the violence, harm and suffering that the construct of race has inflicted, and continues to inflict to this day.      Continue reading

Book: Red Coconut: Bridging the Racial Divide – by Habeeb Alli

Red Coconut: Bridging the Racial Divide

A Collection of Poems and Essays Surrounding Interfaith Relationships


I present to you my eighteenth book entitled Red Coconut: Bridging the Racial Divide. Bridging the racial divide is what I do every day, and my collection of poems and essays this year speaks precisely of this. A man who picked up a dying fish as he and his friend walked the seashore was asked, “Why do you do that? You cannot save all these dying fishes!” He replied, “But it made a world of difference to this one!” One heart at a time, one community a time, we can make a difference.

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GUYANA SPEAKS: CINEGUYANA – July 30, 2017 – London. England

France: Brand new Macron, same old colonialism – By Eliza Anyangw

France: With this slur against Africans, Macron’s radical pretence is over | Eliza Anyangw

Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s casual slur against Francophone Africans over birth control bodes ill for a progressive French presidency. Plus ça change

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Canada: Black Lives will only matter when the Black Vote matters – By Yvonne Sam

Black Lives will only matter when the Black Vote matters

By Yvonne Sam

Black lives will never matter in Canada until they matter to Black people enough that will force them to utilize every tool in the toolbox to fight back, and the biggest tool is the Black vote.

A lingering question permeating the minds of Blacks throughout the Canadian provinces  is how many more not guilty verdicts can the community take especially when it comes down to police officers and the shootings of unarmed Black males.  Yet, another devastating blow was dealt to the black community in Toronto when recently an inquest jury ruled the case of Andrew Loku, a South Sudanese native a homicide, a verdict which does not carry any criminal or civil liability.   Continue reading

Guyana: PPP GOVERNMENT LAND GIVEAWAY – By Verian Mentis-Barker




To understand this we will have to go back a few centuries to establish the mores of the Guyanese East Indian and the Guyanese African and the learned behavior that shreds the homogeneity constantly challenged in the country’s motto, One People One Nation and One Destiny.

So, those who prefer to be informed by bullet points or lightly tossed baseless banter could check out now.

This is serious stuff.   

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