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Reflections of Cheddi Jagan (1918-1997) – By Ralph Ramkarran


By Ralph Ramkarran – 
Friday, 23rd March 2018  – Conversation Tree Blog

Cheddi and Janet Jagan

Cheddi Jagan returned from studies in the United States to a British Guiana in 1943 that was a cauldron of poverty. The report of the Moyne Commission, which investigated poverty in the region in the 1930s concluded that “for the laboring population, mere subsistence was increasingly problematic.” The report was so explosive that it was not published until 1945. It weighed heavily in subsequent developments.

In 1946 Cheddi Jagan, Janet Jagan, Jocelyn Hubbard and Ashton Chase, the latter two of whom were active trade unionists, formed the Political Affairs Committee (PAC). In 1947 Cheddi Jagan fought and won a seat in the Legislative Council.        Continue reading

Our West Indian Cricket Shame Only Deepens – Commentary By David A. Comissiong

Barbados Underground

DAVID A. COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement, Citizen of the Caribbean, and Lover of West Indies Cricket

How  shameful  it was to witness the gleeful rejoicing of the members of the West Indies cricket team in the wake of their fortuitous and totally undeserved victory over Scotland — a non- test status, associate member team of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

These men — supposed heirs to the  great West Indian cricketing tradition of such immortals as George Headley,Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Garfield Sobers, Clive Lloyd, and Sir Vivian Richards — seemingly had no qualms about celebrating the fact that it took  a manifestly erroneous umpiring decision, the intervention of a shower of rain, and the complicated calculations designed by Messers Duckworth and Lewis to “gift” them a 5 run victory over a Cricket team that is regarded as a minnow in international cricket!

But, as hurtful and shameful…

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Caribbean: The region’s recent history is being lost – By David Jessop

Owen Arthur

Commentary by David Jessop

At the start of the month, Barbados’ former prime minister, Owen Arthur, officially departed the island’s Parliament and elective politics. Some weeks prior, he had indicated that he would not be running again in his St Peter constituency after the island’s legislature had been dissolved.

Uniquely, he is the only Barbadian prime minister to have sat in Parliament with every other prime minister of his country. He was also a participant in key national, regional and international decisions that have made the island and the Caribbean for good and ill what it is today.         Continue reading

Iran: The Fake Enemy – By Uri Avnery

The Fake Enemy – Uri Avnery

TOWARDS THE END of 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and declared war on the USA. Their Nazi ally followed with its own declaration of war, and so did all its satellites.

The joke tells about the Hungarian ambassador in Washington who delivered his declaration of war to the Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, who decided to have some fun.             Continue reading

Indians are watching the hypocrisy of African Guyanese – By Freddie Kissoon 

Indians are watching the hypocrisy of African Guyanese

March 23, 2018 – Features / Columnists, By Freddie Kissoon

David Hinds and Lincoln Lewis have a huge track record of fighting for the rights and survival of African Guyanese under the PPP government from the time the PPP won the presidency in 1992. David Hinds’ political evolution began in an African cultural organization founded in the late sixties by Eusi Kwayana – ASCRIA.

Dr. Hinds is a founding member of the African rights group, Cuffy 250. It was out of the annual forum entitled, “State of the African Guyanese” that President Granger requested a plan with concrete proposals of projects.     Continue reading

The 100th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Cheddi Jagan observed in many countries

Eight proclamations and citations for Cheddi Jagan

Mar 22, 2018  Kaieteur News – By Oscar Ramjeet

Today (March 22nd 2018), marks the 100th birth anniversary of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, late President of Guyana. The occasion is observed in several countries where large numbers of Guyanese reside.

Last Sunday, March 18th, the Indian Diaspora Council (IDC) in New York recognised the former Guyanese leader at a function at which eight proclamations and citations were awarded posthumously. IDC President, Ashook Ramsaran, organised the programme which was attended by several dignitaries.   Continue reading

Mercury and Fluoride – The Dumbing Down Of A Population

GUYANA POLITICS : Analysis, Discussions etc –Sam Hinds Podcast by XPRESS Blog

PODCAST : Interview with former President and Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds
GUYANA POLITICS : Analysis, Discussions and more…: Sam Hinds Podcast by XPRESS Blog
In politics the purpose of communication is not to MESSAGE but to ENGAGE…and to do so at a level that rises above the primitive stabs of partisan rhetoric.     

Continue reading

The Church, The Truth and the Black Community – By Yvonne Sam

The Church, The Truth and the Black Community.

By Yvonne Sam

The truth has always been a loner and also the uninvited guest in any dialogue.  However, even in the face of all accompanying negativity and alienation, the need for an appearance exists.. Some representatives of the Black community have always displayed a cultural antagonism towards intelligence.  Simply put the crux of the problem existing in the Black community among the more dysfunctional of us, is not a lack of intelligence, but our attitude towards knowledge.          Continue reading

Guyana Corruption: Six cases for Court on Stolen Government Assets – By Freddie Kissoon

Six cases for court on stolen assets from the nation’s resources

 Mar 14, 2018  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon 

In the entire world, except Guyana, the exposure of corrupt politicians who were in office or are in office brings extensive disgust from the citizenry. Humans feel that they work hard, do not get the pay they deserve from their government but the politicians they voted for end up with luxurious mansions and enormous bank books. Even sexual misconduct does not bring out the anger in citizens as corruption does.      Continue reading

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