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MAY 26, 2016 | BY Kaieteur News | FILED UNDER EDITORIAL,

Guyana 50th Anniversary Logo

Guyana 50th Anniversary Logo

Opinion - commentary -analysisFifty years ago, today, Guyana broke free from the Monarchy to chart its own destiny. There was no golden handshake as has been the case with countries like Suriname that gained its independence from Holland. Instead, Guyana was pretty much left to work with the systems left in place by the colonial rulers.

It is not that these systems were all bad. For example, we continue to maintain the judicial system that allows for a preliminary inquiry ahead of an indictable charge. There are still the public service, the police force and the postal service which, until the advent of improved technology, remained the main link between families and friends.   Continue reading

Spirit of a nation showcased at Independence Jubilee

Spirit of a nation showcased at Independence Jubilee

 After months of anticipation, Guyanese ushered in the country’s 50th Independence with great emotion as the fifty foot Golden Arrowhead was, for the second time this year, hoisted in the air amidst much fanfare.

And while the atmosphere was not quite as energetic as it was on February 23, there was still an immense feeling of pride among the majority of people in the massive crowd.

Over 20,000 Guyanese flocked the newly built D’Urban Park to celebrate this historic event and among them, many expressed great pride to have been able to witness Guyana at 50 and the celebrations that were hosted to usher it in.   Continue reading

Venezuela to buy US50m in food from Trinidad and Tobago

Venezuela to buy US50m in food from Trinidad and Tobago
Published on May 25, 2016 – Caribbean News Now

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, left, and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley exchange a handshake during a joint press conference following bilateral talks in Trinidad on Monday. Photo: Abraham Diaz/Trinidad Guardian

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Venezuela, which is facing a severe economic and political crisis, has agreed to buy US$50 million in food from neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago. Among the priority items Venezuela had requested were butter, chicken, pork, ketchup, rice and black beans.
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Reflections on Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Guyana Golden Jubilee Logo 1966-2016

Guyana Golden Jubilee Logo 1966-2016

May 26, 2016, marks fifty years since my native land of Guyana gained its independence from Great Britain. I was privileged to have witnessed the birth of our nation and to have shared the euphoria of a battle fought and won. As a teenager at the time, I also cherished the aspirations for our future, as expressed in the chorus of one of our patriotic songs of the sixties: “Guyana the Free” by Valerie Rodway.

All hail to Guyana, our country now free,
One people, one nation, one destiny,
We pledge every effort, we’ll cherish this earth
And make here a paradise – Land of our birth.

Read more – Go to Reflections on Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary by Rosaliene Bacchus

Cheddi Jagan’s Contribution to Guyana’s Independence – By Ralph Ramkarran


Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Inspired by events that were occurring in the wider world and influenced by progressive views while he was a student in the United States, Dr. Cheddi Jagan returned to Guyana in 1943, then British Guiana, intent on becoming politically involved on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged. He chose the trade union movement as an entrance point. Ashton Chase and Jocelyn Hubbard, both trade unionists, were sought out to join with him and Janet Jagan to form the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) on November 6, 1946, as a study and discussion group.

Branches emerged in various places including Kitty, Buxton and Enmore. My father, Boysie Ramkarran, joined the Kitty Group in 1947. Ashton Chase, at the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the PAC said that my father was the Secretary of that group. Eusi Kwayana was active in the Buxton group.   Continue reading

Black Muslims support some Donald Trump ideas, says Louis Farrakhan – 2 videos

Donald Trump – Black Muslims support Trump

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro visits Jamaica and Trinidad

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro visits Jamaica and Trinidad

Maduro at UN

President Maduro

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Sunday May 22, 2016 – Amid the food, electricity and economic crisis in his country, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro arrived in Jamaica last night for what the government says is a one-day “working visit”, ahead of his trip to another Caribbean country where a demonstration is being planned.

A Jamaica government statement said Maduro, who was met on his arrival at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, and other dignitaries, is meeting with Prime Minister Andrew Holness and members of Cabinet today …Sunday May 22, 2016.     Continue reading

Guyana 411 – May 20, 2016 – Memory Lane: The Journey to Nationhood- GINA video

GINA logo Guyana 411 – May 20, 2016 – Memory Lane: The Journey to Nationhood 

Brazil- Michel Temer’s cabinet: A government of white men- by Rosaliene Bacchus

Interim President Michel Temer’s cabinet: A government of white men

by Rosaliene Bacchus

Brazil new pres

Note from BW of Brazil: It’s been nearly a week since President Dilma Rousseff was suspended for a period that could last up to 180 days while it is decided if she should be removed permanently. Rousseff’s suspension was approved after the Federal Government’s Lower House voted in support of impeachment procedures and then,  last week, 55 of 81 senators also voted in favor of the process…

Read more – Go to Rosaliene blog to Like, Comment and Share…

News from the “Black Women of Brazil” blog about the new all white male interim government.

Welcome to 1984 – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Welcome to 1984 – by Rosaliene Bacchus

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By Chris Hedges – Source: truthdig

The artifice of corporate totalitarianism has been exposed. The citizens, disgusted by the lies and manipulation, have turned on the political establishment. But the game is not over. Corporate power has within its arsenal potent forms of control. It will use them. As the pretense of democracy is unmasked, the naked fist of state repression takes its place.  Continue reading


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