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Hansib Publications – Hansib Book Catalogue – Summer 2017

Download Catalog: Hansib Catalogue – Summer 2017


Hansib Publications is recognised as one of Europe’s leading multicultural publishing houses. Founded in London in 1970 by Guyanese-born Arif Ali, the publishing house has reflected and chronicled the struggles and achievements, the turmoil and frustrations, and the hopes and dreams of Britain’s ‘visible minority’ communities.    Continue reading

A Little About White History in Black History Month – featuring Tim Wise -2 videos

White History in Black History Month –  Tim Wise

Film: White Like Me (Tim Wise), Anti-racist Educator & Advocate

The continued prominence of racism is explored through the prism of white privilege in the engrossing documentary White Like Me. Based upon a book of the same name by anti-racist advocate Tim Wise, the film explores the many advantages afforded to whites throughout the history of the United States, and the extent to which they have defined a culture of racial discrimination that continues to this day.    Continue reading

Why Black Panther Will Blow You Away – 2 videos

Why Black Panther Will Blow You Away

Looper  Published on Feb 8, 2018

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Black Panther is already being hailed as an astonishing installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with tight direction, top-of-the-line performances, and stunning action sequences. The studio’s had no trouble commanding an audience over the last decade, of course, but with Black Panther, it looks like they’re delivering a truly special cinematic experience, and here’s why…      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Mysterious counter-force in a mysterious land – Freddie Kissoon

Mysterious counter-force in a mysterious land

Feb 12, 2018 –  Kaieteur News –By Freddie Kissoon

Here are the words of former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds in a letter to this newspaper recently, “Following the 2001 jailbreak and their projection by some political factions as ‘Freedom Fighters’, the attacks on assumed supporters of the PPP/C were taken to a higher level. When the national security forces showed remarkable inability to apprehend them it was inevitable that a similar irregular counter-force emerged.”     Continue reading

Racial Conflict: WE cannot fight every FIGHT – By Yvonne Sam

WE cannot fight every FIGHT

By Yvonne Sam

Blacks must utilize their might to ensure success in their own fight.

When an individual or a people suffer a great wrongdoing that involved severe degrees of pain and anguish they tend to understand the suffering of others. It is easy to identify and unite with others when they are fighting for the same cause, especially for humanity and freedom. There is absolutely nothing wrong with universal solidarity if it is support to all involved parties.     Continue reading

Unpaid Black Labor Built the United States | #CreateBlackHistory


Unpaid Black Labor Built the United States | #CreateBlackHistory

We built these damn things…Be informed. … The other side of the story.

Why Black History – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Why Black History – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

February – Black History Month February, teachers go into their rehearsed routine. They bring out the books from a year ago, dust them Black History is American history. It is rich, extensive, and powerful but it is confined to the shortest month of the year. Each and stack them on their desks. Since it is February they will teach ‘Black History.’

Why this has to be a yearly event is not clear since Black History is all around us. We breathe it and live it all the time. The reality is that every day is Black History day and no month or specific days should be set aside for teaching it. Recently, a number of prominent Blacks have argued that the setting aside of a month for black studies is unnecessary. They say it is un-American.

READ MORE: Why Black History

They thought they were white – DNA tests showed otherwise

They considered themselves white,: DNA tests told a more complex story

By Tara Bahrampour February 6, 2018 – Washington Post

As more Americans take advantage of genetic testing to pinpoint the makeup of their DNA, the technology is coming head to head with the country’s deep-rooted obsession with race and racial myths. This is perhaps no more true than for the growing number of self-identified European Americans who learn they are actually part African.

For those who are surprised by their genetic heritage, the new information can often set into motion a complicated recalibration of how they view their identity.


WHO  ARE  WE ? – REPARATION  FOR  WHOM? – By Hubert Williams

WHO  ARE  WE ? – REPARATION  FOR  WHOM? – By Hubert Williams         

My poem “WHO  ARE  WE?” was penned  years before the Stabroek News editorial’s headline,  but its focus is overwhelmingly on reparation.

I have re-typed the original of this piece and also changed a line to refer to Obama’s presidency. There is now increasing talk about reparation, and I saw in the Barbados Sunday Sun newspaper that UWI’s Sir Hillary Beckles will be lecturing on the subject this Thursday 08 February 2018, in Barbados.    ( SEE info on The Caribbean Reparation Commission at end) Continue reading

“Struggle and Triumph: The Legacy of George Washington Carver” – Video

Black History Month – February

“Struggle and Triumph: The Legacy of George Washington Carver” – Video

Published on Jul 20, 2016

This 28-minute film explores the life of George Washington Carver. The movie features Altorro Black as the adult George Washington Carver and Tyler Black as the young Carver, narration by Sheryl Lee Ralph, and music by Bobby Horton.
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