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THE ZEST OF GUYANA – Thirty five poems – By Dmitri Allicock + video

zest of guyana



By Dmitri Allicock

The first slither of the orange peel
My soul refreshed with a citrus feel
Ripe oranges to peel I love the best
To inhale the sweetness of that zest
The passion of homegrown fragrant
And orange peel freshness so instant

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Drone Photography in Guyana: Early signs of a revolution- by Dave Martins.

Drone Photography in Guyana:


Dave Martins 2010 CDSometimes the social revolution lands on us seemingly out of the blue, but sometimes we can see it coming. This week, because of my wife’s conservation activities, I was fortunate to see aerial footage of Guyana, taken separately by two owners of drones fitted with high-tech cameras, and I’m here to give you the wink: a revolution is coming from this device and one aspect of it will be the impact it will create on tourism destinations showing their product in new exciting ways.

The views that can now be garnered of landscapes by these drones fitted with high-tech cameras are astonishing. The drones are quite small, often just two feet square, extremely light, virtually noiseless, and operate for hours with small rechargeable batteries. The device is operated by someone standing in the open anywhere and controlling it with two small toggle switches as commonly used in video games. The operator can be in control of the drone and its camera as far as a mile away, and tracks its movements from a cell-phone-size screen.  Continue reading

Georgetown: The City Council and Mini Bus Parks – by Ralph Ramkarran

Georgetown: The City Council and Mini Bus Parks

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Posted on January 30, 2016 by

Georgetown. Guyana: The City Council announced last week that it would take the traffic situation in hand. It is unlikely that the City Council would have known that funds would be allocated in the budget for this purpose. After disastrous past experiences, the City Council should not be allowed to preside over parking arrangements for mini bus and taxi parks in the city. The Municipal and District Councils Act gives it no such power. It is a Police function, which appears to have been abandoned, as the City Council assumed jurisdiction.

Starting from the core area outside Stabroek market, occupied by the yellow Motor Transport buses between the 1950s and 1970s, mini bus and taxi parks expanded.  Continue reading

Rum, tears and karaoke – By David McAlmont

Rum, tears and karaoke  – By David McAlmont 

20140120diaspora(David McAlmont is a recording artiste, writer and historian living in London. His collaborations in London have included David Arnold, Bernard Butler, Michael Nyman, Courtney Pine and Guy Davies with whom he has formed the duo Fingersnap; they visited Guyana in  December 2015 to perform at the G-Jazz Festival at Georgetown’s Theatre Guild. David’s mother is Guyanese. He resided in Berbice, Wismar, Grove, Craig and Georgetown between 1978 and 1987.)  

“But David you just disappeared!” Sean Bhola (a giant talent back then whom I sang and performed with at church) to me in the grounds of the Theatre Guild in the Kingston borough of Georgetown, Guyana.

Time may have well have stood still here, in some respects, but this is hardly a town that time has forgotten. Sean tells me that it hasn’t changed. Indeed, now that Guy (my collaborator in the London voice and piano duo, Fingersnap) and I have concluded our musical duties, I get beyond Queenstown and Kingston to reacquaint myself with the wider city layout.   Continue reading

NYC – Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents Are Involved

Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents Are Involved in the Planning Process
Sunday, 03 January 2016 – By Eilís O’Neill, Earth Island Journal | Report

New York City Boroughs Map

New York City Boroughs Map – Click to enlarge

Raindrops are falling slow and heavy on the concrete walkways, children’s playgrounds, and brick, V-shaped apartment buildings of the Bronx River Houses, one of New York City’s largest housing projects. But today’s rain won’t slide off the roofs, walkways, and hard-packed lawns into the Bronx River across the street. Instead, it will gather in the project’s bioswales, rain gardens, enhanced tree pits, and blue roofs, which together can capture 32,000 gallons of water.

Unlike the monotonous lawns and ordered trees that characterize the landscaping here and at other housing projects, the rain gardens add a splash of yellow, a spray of white flowers, and an explosion of bushiness. “With the installation of the rain gardens came a lot more foliage which brightens up the area,” says David Shuffler, who grew up four blocks from here. Shuffler works with many residents of the Bronx River Houses in his role as executive director of the Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, headquartered across the street. “People enjoy how it looks. It adds a lot of color,” he says.   Continue reading

“Is We Own”… Seeing the natural Guyana through Annette & Dave Martins + video

“Is We Own”… Seeing the natural Guyana through Annette & Dave Martins
JANUARY 3, 2016 | BY KNEWS |By Annette Arjoon-Martins

Annette and Dave Martins

Annette and Dave Martins

It is certainly true that for anyone seeking to explore Guyana, whether a resident, from the diaspora or a completely new visitor, that we are fortunate to live in the technological age where a range of information is readily available and often at no cost.

As a newcomer to this technological age, I learnt that there are many spokes to the wheel and I came to the process in stages. Moving from a conservationist with a camera on Shell Beach initially, I am blessed to have unlimited access to our incredible interior, compliments of our very own Air Services Limited. Continue reading

Michael Moore’s New Movie Tells Americans: Pack Your Bags for Europe

Michael Moore’s New Movie Tells Americans: Pack Your Bags for Europe

A documentary based on the benefits of invading other countries sounds like an unlikely premise for Michael Moore, the controversial filmmaker and antiwar activist who slammed the U.S. invasion of Iraq a decade ago in Fahrenheit 9/11. But his latest movie, Where to Invade Next, relies on the concept of a metaphorical, not a physical, attack.

Moore, parading as a one-man army representing the United States, goes on a quest to gather the most effective ideas and policies from nations around the world. From the factories of Italy to the public schools of Finland and the prisons of Norway, Moore uses his so-called invasions to show how America might learn from the success and efficiency of others. After each visit with business leaders, law enforcement officers, and politicians, the Oscar-winning auteur plants the American flag on foreign soil and declares liberation.

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Guyana Government News Brief December 24, 2015

GINA logoGovernment News Brief December 24, 2015

  1. Ministry of Communities… More efficient and cohesive housing communities planned.   Affordable housing with a community concept with infrastructure in place.
  2. Ministry of Health is expanding its services in the hinterland regions. Shortages of doctors and medical supplies are being addressed and services are improving.
  3. Ministry of Social Protection is establishing a Family Court next February that is designed specifically to address the many family related cases that have been delayed for lengthy periods in various Magistrates Courts. Ministry Volda Lawrence reports.  Continue reading

Guyana – An Emerging Travel Destination

Guyana – An Emerging Travel Destination

Posted: 24 Dec 2015  – St Stanislaus College Blog


Lord Kitchener: “Drink A Rum”…. on Christmas morning – music video

Lord Kitchener: “Drink A Rum” – music video

The King of Calypso, Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts), sings a song for Christmas morning — Recorded over 60 years ago.


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