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Calypso: Mighty Sparrow – Party Classics – music videos

Calypso: Mighty Sparrow – Party Classics – music videos

Happy 82 nd Birthday to the King of Calypso – The Mighty Sparrow Born July 9, 1935
Songs on this download:

1. Jean & Dinah
2. The Lizard
3. Melda
4. Drunk & Disorderly
5. Miss Mary
6. Jane
7. Royal jail
8. Benwood Dick
9. Sa-Sa-Yea
10. Magarita
11. Marajihn
12. Doh Back Back

USA – Happy 4th of July Greetings: Best Quotes, etc

Happy 4th of July Greetings: Best Quotes, etc

 4th Of July Wishes

Read and share simple wishes about Fourth of July and express your love to your nation. You can share/send these messages to your friends via Text/SMS, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, IM or other social networking sites.


The Native Renaissance – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Native Renaissance – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

What do Achuar, Altai, Awa, Gunai, and Tat have in common? If you are not sure, how about Pee Posh, PNong, Yapa Yapa, and Yora? These are some of the languages of indigenous peoples across the globe. In fact, native peoples speak about 4,000 of the 7,000 languages that exist. The importance and value of native peoples cannot be overestimated in today’s discourses about the need for a balanced ecosystem.

There is much that the world can learn from native peoples about conservation, and the protection of the diversity that we call Planet Earth. But it has not been easy for these chasers of the sun. The lack of an indigenous policy has meant that in many cases the rights of native peoples have been violated.     Continue reading

CIMBUX 28th Annual Souse Party – Lanham MD – Saturday July 8, 2017


Hello CIMBUX Inc: Supporters and Friends,

Please join us at our “28th ANNUAL SOUSE PARTY”

at our “NEW LOCATION” in Maryland

9204 Tuckerman Street (off Cipriano). Lanham MD

on Saturday July 8th,2017

You may call Keith Easton for tickets at 240-601-3892


FLYER:  CIMBUX Souce Party -2017

The broader implications of Washington’s new Cuba policy – By David Jessop

The broader implications of Washington’s new Cuba policy

Published on June 26, 2017 – By David Jessop

David Jessop

On June 16, speaking in Miami, President Trump announced measures reversing aspects of his predecessor’s policy of normalising relations with Cuba.

Although the changes seem minimal, the content of the accompanying presidential directive and the president’s remarks suggest new uncertainties lie ahead for every nation that had welcomed détente and the opportunity it offered to deepen bilateral relations.

As has been widely reported, the new regulations, when introduced, will end individual travel by US citizens, tighten US oversight of group travel, and proscribe most US business activities with Cuban military enterprises and their subsidiaries. However, far less clear are the broader implications of the US President’s National Security Directive, ‘Strengthening US Policy towards Cuba’.   Continue reading

NYC Caribbean Food Festival – Brooklyn NY – July 15, 2017

Light Street – Walk with me in Albert-town, Georgetown – Raphael Video

Light Street – Walk with me in Albert-town, Georgetown

Published on Apr 13, 2017

Water Street | Walk with me in Georgetown. Guyana – Raphael video

Water Street | Walk with me in Georgetown. Guyana – Raphael video

Published on Jun 23, 2017

Explore Water Street form Stabroek Market Square to Guyana Stores and tour the New Indoor Mall at Fogarty’s on a Wednesday afternoon in Georgetown, Guyana.

Calypso Music: The Mighty Sparrow of Trinidad – 2 videos

 “Only a Fool (a.k.a. Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart)” by The Mighty Sparrow  
Juan Pancho –  Uploaded on Jul 23, 2007 (over 1 million views)
Mighty Sparrow (with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires) – Only a fool (breaks his own heart) [1965]
The Mighty Sparrow – May May …unplugged  (February 2016)

Ten Caribbean Carnivals To Know This Summer – 2017 – US, UK and Canada

trinidad-carnival-2017News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 23, 2017:  It’s finally summer in the US, UK and Canada and for many Caribbean nationals and fans of Caribbean culture, that means one things – it’s time to break out and party – carnival style that is! Here are 10 Caribbean carnivals set for across the US, Canada and the UK you should know of and check out this summer:

Continue reading

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