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Trouble In Paradise? How Brexit Could Hurt Tourism, And More, in Barbados

Trouble In Paradise? How Brexit Could Hurt Tourism, And More, in Barbados

 – JULY 21, 2016

British Pound


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday July 21, 2016 – Just the idea of sitting on a sunny beach on Barbados is likely enough to warm any Brit’s heart. But with the cost of actually making the trip now more expensive for them, following a plunge in the value of the pound sterling on the heels of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave Europe, a dream may be all some can afford.    Continue reading

Millennials turning away from cruises and casinos – By David Jessop

Millennials turning away from cruises and casinos
Published on July 16, 2016 – By David Jessop
Although the definition is quite loose, the expression millennial is usually used to mean those who were born between 1980 and the mid-2000s.


David Jessop

In many parts of the western hemisphere this group now proportionately makes up the largest generation, accounting for instance in the US for around one third of the country’s spending power, far exceeding the other much sought after visitor category, the now aging baby boomers.


For the Caribbean, millennials are a crucial must-reach tourist segment if the industry is to have a sustainable economic future. As a consequence, many tourist boards and properties have been adapting their marketing to reflect more closely the lifestyle and aspirations of this valuable group.
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Guyana 50th Anniversary Festival – “Taste of Guyana” July 17, 2016 – Toronto

Guyana Festival

Guyana 50th Anniversary Festival – “Taste of Guyana” July 17, 2016 – Toronto

Guyanese Association of Manitoba Events: July – August 2016

Download: GAM PICNIC Duck Curry Flyer  and  GAM FISHING PICNIC Flyer 201 6

GAM Fishing2

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GAM Picnic

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Barbados: CROPOVER 2016 Soca Songs – 4 music videos

Barbados: CROPOVER 2016 Soca Songs – 4 music videos

On November 30 Barbados celebrates its Golden Jubilee  as an independent country so this Cropover Carnival promises to be one of the best.


Rihanna at Barbados Cropover Parade

Barbados holds its Cropover Carnival in July every year. Scores of songs are created , many becoming quite popular in the Caribbean and the Diaspora. There are basically two main competitions – Calypso featuring social commentary and SOCA featuring Dance music where winners are awarded  cars  and cash prizes.  See 2016 calendar here

There is also the Cropover Carnival Parade on August Monday (August 1) at which the most popular Road March is selected – It looks like Peter Ram – All Ah We “2016 Soca” could win the Road March title this year (see below). Of course Rihanna will be in attendance as she does every year.

Here are just four songs from Barbados Cropover 2016 Soca tunes which have become quite popular. Of course there are others… Just check YouTube.   More info: Barbados Cropover Festival  Continue reading

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE – by Dave Martins + video

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE by Dave Martins. –  June 19, 2016 – Credits Stabroek News

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

Guyana’s music industry remains troubling to those of us involved in it, and while the issues surrounding intellectual property rights, including the contentious copyright aspect, are a key part of it, the problems are varied and complex. Recently, respected musician and teacher Derry Etkins pointed to one when he spoke out on the need for Guyanese to become more musically literate, and his point is valid – doing a recording here four years ago, I needed a cellist; I could find only one and she hadn’t played in 7 years.

However, the more fundamental issue for music in Guyana is that we lack the infrastructure needed to propel a music industry – essentially, places to play. The foundation, the very core, of any music industry one sees anywhere is that the aspiring talented young hopefuls that Derry is talking about, have places to go and learn their craft.  Continue reading

TASSA THUNDER: Folk Music from India to the Caribbean – video

TASSA THUNDER : Folk Music from India to the Caribbean – YouTube

Published on Mar 25, 2014    – Vibert Cambridge shared this link.

This 53-minute video documentary explores Indo-Caribbean music culture through focusing on a set of neo-traditional music genres, relating them to sources and counterparts in North India’s Bhojpuri region and Indian communities in Fiji. Topics covered include chutney, chowtal, birha, nagara drumming, Ahir dance, the dantal, the Alha-Udal epic, and most extensively, tassa drumming. Tassa music is explored in reference to its rhythmic structures, its performance contexts of weddings, competitions, and Muharram (Hosay), and the construction of its drums. The film combines unique performance footage and interviews taken between 1990 and 2010 in India, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, New York, and Fijian communities in California. It conveys how Indo-Caribbean music culture comprises a unique and dynamic combination of both resilient marginal survivals as well as innovative forms.

Photos – Brian Roman’s visit to Guyana for Jubilee Celebrations

Brian Roman arriving in Guyana

Brian Roman arriving in Guyana – more photos on link below

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Grad Speech: 8th-Grader Jack Aiello Impersonates Trump, Cruz, Obama, Clinton, Sanders – video

Grad Speech: 8th-Grader Jack Aiello Impersonates Trump, Cruz, Obama, Clinton, Sanders – video

June 16, 2016 – Amita Kelly -NPR – Maybe we’re all just taking politics too seriously these days. Eighth-grader Jack Aiello used his 8-minute graduation speech to impersonate Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Aiello, speaking as Sanders, said his school had the best cinnamon rolls he’d ever tasted, but “I do have one improvement for them, though: We need to make them free.”   Continue reading

Saints Alumni Toronto Annual CaribJam Dance – July 29, 2016 – update

Saints Alumni Toronto Annual CaribJam Dance – July 29, 2016

New York’s Finest Angels Caribbean Band will open their Canada Tour on Friday, July 29 at the Saints Alumni Toronto Annual CaribJam Dance at the Pickering Recreation Centre. Pickering. Ontario. Canada.
This will be another sold out event and you are encouraged to book your tickets early with your name or online at

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