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Advice to Diaspora returning for the Jubilee Year Celebrations – By Francis Quamina Farrier

To those in the Diaspora returning for the Jubilee Year Celebrations

By Francis Quamina Farrier

Quamina -1

This is the steering wheel of a Guyana mini bus. Please observe the two LARGE indents on the horn caused by continuous honking.

My Fellow Guyanese: If you are one of the hundreds of overseas-based Guyanese, who is returning for the Jubilee Celebrations around May 10 to 30, 2016, then I say a big “WELCOME”, and wish you a great stay. However, I feel duty bound to give you a few tips, if you have not visited the Land of your birth in fifteen, twenty, thirty, or more years. Some of these tips may have already been given to you by concerned relatives and friends.

The very first thing that I will let you know, is that the country has changed; in the same way that almost all other countries around the world, have changed, during the past fifteen to thirty years. But not only has Guyana changed with many of the physical infrastructure; the People, by-and-large, have also changed; and not necessarily for the better.  Continue reading

San Francisco Bay Area Guyanese – Annual Potluck Picnic – August 13, 2016

sanfran rev

Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Asso. New York – Boat Ride – July 23, 2016


A NIGERIAN IN CANCUN – By Hubert Williams



– By  Hubert Williams

nigerian      Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, March 18, 2016 — Resplendent in an immaculate white uniform, with white-and-yellow cap, blue necktie, white belt and white shoes, this very dark-skinned Bellhop in a crowd of newly-arrived white guests was going about his functions with professional efficiency and speed, yet with the ease and grace of royalty.

When I espied him and moved in his direction to say “hello”, we were, at the time, the only two Blacks in the crowded and imposing Lobby of the magnificent Sandos Resort on Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.    Continue reading

Over 100,000 visitors expected for GuyExpo – May 12th -15th, 2016


Flashback: One of the many scenes from GuyExpo

Over 100,000 visitors expected for GuyExpo – May 12th -15th, 2016

SOME 400 exhibitors and more than 100,000 local and overseas visitors are expected to attend the four days of this year’s GuyExpo, according to GuyExpo 2016 Marketing Manager, Ms Chevon Lim.  Guyana’s largest Trade and Investment Exposition will be held this year from May 12th -15th, 2016 under the theme “50 Years, Guyana Means Business – Promoting Enterprise, Driving Productivity.”

Lim noted that the theme is perfectly aligned with the objectives of the Ministry of Business and broader Government policy, to create the enabling environment that will foster business growth and development in Guyana.    Continue reading

A Caribbean Brunch Favorite: Ackee And Codfish – By Minna LaFortune

A Caribbean Brunch Favorite: Ackee And Codfish

Published on Mar 31 2016,  News Americas. NY

A Caribbean Brunch Favorite: Ackee And Codfish

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 1, 2016: Getting an invitation to attend a Caribbean breakfast or brunch is the invitation to a special experience!

Caribbean breakfast foods are very special because they are meals that are also served at lunch and dinner.

They are large meals that contain all the major food groups complimented with fresh herbs and spices and medley of several tropical fruits. To ask a Caribbean national in the region or in the Diaspora what is their favorite breakfast or brunch dish is to get a list of starches, fish, meats, vegetables, beverages and fruits.

The responses no doubt will vary from island to island.     Continue reading

The New York Tutorial Support Group Inc – Events for 2016

The New York Tutorial Support Group Inc – Events for 2016


The Rolling Stones: before they were legends (1965), and now in Cuba 2016

The Rolling Stones: before they were legends

It’s easy to forget how shocking the Stones were in 1965. The previously unreleased documentary Charlie Is My Darling is a riveting reminder of when they were a generational lightning rod
 -Monday 5 November 2012 Last modified on Friday 29 January 2016

“Guyana Smiling Again ” Calypso 2016 – by Abigail James – music video

Abigail James – “Guyana Smiling Again ” – Calypso 2016 

Guyana gives green light to Suriname’s Fly All Ways airline

Guyana gives green light to Suriname’s Fly All Ways airline

Fly All Ways

Fly All Ways

The Guyana government is poised to grant permission to Fly Allways to operate scheduled flights to Guyana with connections to Brazil and the Caribbean, a top aviation regulator said.

“We have received an application from Fly Allways and we have processed that application and we have made a favourable recommendation to our subject minister to take to Cabinet,” the official of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) told Demerara Waves Online News.

Very strong indications are that Cabinet will give the Suriname-based airline the green light to begin flights to Guyana.   Continue reading


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