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Seven Guyanese honored by the Guyana Action Committee (GAC) in NYC

Seven Guyanese honored at fundraising event

Annual Health Education Family Funday – Brooklyn. NY. – July 22, 2017

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St Stanislaus College Alumni – Toronto – SAINTS CARIBJAM – August 4, 2017

Guyana tourism hub potential is at Ogle not Cheddi Jagan airport, study reveals

Guyana tourism hub potential is at Ogle not Cheddi Jagan airport, study reveals

Published on May 11, 2017 – Caribbean News Now


Ogle airport

By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — With a Category II rating of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Guyana will not be able to start and operate its own airline until all the deficiencies are corrected. However, this is not a major constraint holding back the development of tourism and attracting more visitors to Guyana.

A 2016 study titled, “Guyana Airlift Capacity,” by a Guyanese aviation expert, who wants to remain anonymous, concluded that “the hub potential is at Ogle and not at Cheddi Jagan International Airport.”

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Commentary: Guyana should come first and then… – By Leonard Gildarie

The Story within the Story… Guyana should come first and then…

Leonard Gildarie

A dear friend of mine and her family are here on vacation. She has lived in New York for the past two decades, has her own small business, and a daughter in college. She is seriously thinking of coming back here.

For many Guyanese living in Queens especially, life is tough in the private sector. Several small businesses along Liberty Avenue have been forced to close because of a drop in sales and the fact that more efficient and less costly services are being offered by the deep-pocket competitors.

It would mirror what is happening in the region and in Guyana, and drives home the reality that we are not alone in the world.     Continue reading

GUYANA- Peaceful Shores- 34 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock


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BHS Alumni Association- Toronto – Happy Birthday Canada – July 8, 2017

Barrack Street | Walk with me in Kingston Georgetown – video by Raphael

Barrack Street | Walk with me in Kingston Georgetown

Raphael – Published on Apr 25, 2017

Guyana 51st Anniversary Celebration – Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations -Toronto- June 17, 2017

Download Flyer: Guyana Independence Anniversary flyer 2017

BHS Alumni Association Toronto Chapter – Bottom House Fete – June 3, 2017

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