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Dear Mr. President – Uncle David – let me tell you about my life

Originally posted on The Guyanese Experience:

Dear Uncle David,

I will only address you as Mr. President when we are in those overly formal situations which demand it. Outside of that formality, you will be Uncle David to me because you are family and I hope that by holding you so close to my heart; it will encourage you to keep me close to yours.

I know for certain that I have faith in you and one or two of your soldiers. I recognize that at this point in Guyana’s history a government led by you is the best choice for our nation moving forward. But I don’t think many Guyanese realize just why this was so necessary. It is necessary because it is the first step in changing the political tradition which has ripped our nation limb from limb.

Tonight, I expected to be happy now that you’ve been sworn in but instead I find…

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Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Caribbean Climate Change Summit - Martinique - 8 May 2015

Caribbean Climate Change Summit – Martinique – 8 May 2015
Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie addressing Summit
Photo Credit: Caribbean News Now!

Caribbean Leaders Sign Off on Climate Change Declaration

“We remain convinced that the global goal of limiting average temperature increase to no more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels is inadequate for protecting fragile ecosystems in SIDS [Small Island Developing States] from the adverse impacts of climate change, and that a target rate lower than 1.5°C would be more appropriate…”
~ Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Chairman of the nine-member Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Caribbean Climate Change Summit, Fort de France, Martinique, 8 May 2015.

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Guyana Elections 2015: Outgoing President Refused to Concede Defeat

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Executive President David Arthur Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo - Guyana Elections 2015

Executive President David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Guyana Elections 2015
Photo Credit: Guyana Graphic

On Monday, 11 May 2015, the people of Guyana went to the polls to elect a new president and government. The following days were tense and frustrating for me as the ruling party refused to release the preliminary results, claiming irregularities in the electoral process – which, by the way, was conducted under their control – and demanded a full recount of the ballots.

With the nation in limbo awaiting results, Heads of Mission of the American, British, and Canadian diplomatic community in Guyana, joined by Guyana’s Private Sector Commission, issued a public declaration asserting that the alleged irregularities were unfounded and calling the elections “free and fair.”

On Friday, two days later, the Head of the European Union Delegation in Guyana supported the position of the ABC Heads of Mission and called…

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Guyana Elections 2015: Final results of the 2015 General Elections – David Granger sworn in as President

Gecom imageFinal results of the 2015 General Elections declared

Demerara Waves:  1.30 PM  – Saturday 16 May 2015

The Final Results of the 2015 General Elections were declared by the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield today. The APNU+AFC have 33 seats and the PPPC has 32 seats in the National Assembly.

Mr David Granger is expected to be sworn in as the next President of Guyana on the balcony of Parliament Building.  [see results below – click to enlarge]   Continue reading

So About This Anti-climatic APNU + AFC Win…


This article is from one of our followers now living in Barbados.

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Originally posted on Cj Writes:

I remember being a little girl when elective politics introduced itself to me in a rather brash manner. This was the 1997 General Elections in Guyana. I was the typical child… clueless, naive, whatever you want to call it. My family were PNC supporters and somehow one of the campaign t-shirts with the (now deceased)Late opposition leader Desmond Hoyte’s face was plastered all over it found itself in my possession.

Even though I was clueless about politics at the time, I knew well enough about the huge racial divide in Guyana. And I knew that the majority of Indo-Guyanese supported PPP/Civic while mainly Afro Guyanese supported PNC (now APNU+AFC).

The primary school I attended, Enterprise Primary School, was walking distance from my home and that’s where all the shops and the market was. Did I mention that the village of Enterprise was (is) mainly comprised of Indo-Guyanese. Well yes. So…

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Climate Disruption – Thought of the Week

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Satellite Photo of the Amazon Rainforest - 31 July 2011

Satellite Photo of the Amazon Rainforest – July 31, 2011
Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Lungs of Our Planet are Dying

“Tropical rainforests have been popularly thought of as the “lungs” of the planet. Here, we show for the first time that during severe drought, the rate at which they “inhale” carbon through photosynthesis can decrease. This decreased uptake of carbon does not decrease growth rates but does mean an increase in tree deaths…”
~ Dr. Christopher Doughty, Lead Author of Research Paper “Drought impact on forest carbon dynamics and fluxes in Amazonia,” University of Oxford, UK.

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ELMO in Action: Carter Center Leads in Election Technology – videos

ELMO in Action: Carter Center Leads in Election Technology


ELMO in Action: Carter Center Leads in Election Technology

Published on Apr 21, 2015

ELMO, the Carter Center’s open source ELection MOnitoring software system, is transforming election observation processes around the world. Embedded in a simple e-device, ELMO allows observation teams to more quickly and efficiently gather, submit, and analyze procedures — for example, polling station openings, voting operations, counting, and tabulation — to determine whether an election is calm, credible, and transparent.

Watch this video to see how The Carter Center used ELMO technology in Tunisia’s recent presidential elections.
Learn more about ELMO:

Bai Shan Lin uses naturalized Guyanese to acquire large logging/mining concessions

 Bai Shan Lin uses naturalized Guyanese to acquire large logging concession


There is evidence that months before becoming a naturalized Guyanese, Chu Hongbo, the principal in Bai Shan Lin Forest Development Inc., had a Guyanese holding almost 700,000 hectares of state lands for him.

logs  region1

Bai Shan Lin trucks with logs in Region One, Essequibo.

The forested lands were immediately transferred to Chu and Bai Shan Lin’s control after the Chinese investor received his Guyanese citizenship last year.

The transaction has raised several questions, one of which is why concerns were not triggered by  the ,Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) that a Guyanese who is not a known logger, could be given control of such a large swath of forest as well as the legality of it being transferred later to Chu.
After Barama Company Limited, a Malaysian operation which has 1.6 million hectares, Bai Shan Lin is the third largest holder of state land that has been allocated for forestry activities.   The company reportedly also has a significant foothold in the Mining sector.

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Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week


From the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog …

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything

Naomi Klein with front cover of her book, This Changes Everything
Photo Credit: Climate & Capitalism

Capitalism vs The Climate

Fundamentally, the task is to articulate not just an alternative set of policy proposals but an alternative worldview to rival the one at the heart of the ecological crisis—embedded in interdependence rather than hyper-individualism, reciprocity rather than dominance, and cooperation rather than hierarchy.
~ Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate, Simon & Schuster, New York, USA, 2014

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Success or Failure: Which is More Destructive?

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Feeding America - Map the Meal Gap - Food Insecurity in Your County

Feeding America – Map the Meal Gap – Food Insecurity in Your County
[Click on link below to view Interactive Map]
Source: Feeding America

Success or failure: which is more destructive? This is a question raised by Lao-tzu in the Tao Te Ching, simply translated as The Book of the Way. For a society that views success as a goal in life, such a question seems ridiculous. Coming from the Ancient Chinese philosopher, it’s a question that merits consideration.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve have your share of failure along this journey of life. The second novel I’m currently working on is inspired by a period along the way when I messed up big time. It changed the direction of my life, eventually bringing me to this place and moment in time.

Through our failures, we learn what works and what doesn’t. We become more discerning in our relationships…

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