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Profile: Mohan Nandu – Guyana’s Singing Legend – By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

Profile: Mohan Nandu – Guyana’s Singing Legend

By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

Mohan Nandu is one of the greatest singers that Guyana has produced. When he begins to sing you would think that the Lord descended from the mountaintop and handed him the voice to entertain thousands.

Mohan is a simple and humble person that would politely disagree. But give him a harmonium and back-up musicians and he would transport you to a world in which he becomes the King of Melody. After listening to him you get the feeling that Mohan Nandu was born to sing.

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E-Networks Emerging Voices Episode 6 Mohan Nandu Opens – Guyanese Legend

Guyana -This Week With The President – July 23, 2016 – GINA video

GINA logoGuyana -This Week With The President – July 23, 2016

Report of the Commission of Inquiry Surrounding the Assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney, RELEASED

The above [below] is a digitalized text of an “unofficial” printed copy of the Commission of Inquiry Report on the death of Dr. Walter Rodney which occurred on the evening of June 13, 1980 in Georg…

Source: Report of the Commission of Inquiry Surrounding the Assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney, RELEASED

Starving Billionaires

Debt has been the wealth of the rich. David Korten warned us of “When Corporation Rule The World” that it would result in an instability that would ruin the lives of many – as major banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Barclays have run our world into a colossal derivatives bubble of some $800 trillion and growing. Although most are asking for greater accountability given a market out of control which keeps pressing an ideology of rapacious exploitation of environmental resources, as well as bedeviling the lives of the working poor with a debt mountain to climb – hardly ever seeing any individuals held responsible for their failures and negative outcomes brought about by their gambling actions.

Source: Starving Billionaires

Put Away the Fireworks… You Don’t Live in a Democracy Anymore

Three Worlds One Vision

Within the last 30 years, while we’ve chased bogeymen overseas and here at home, our Democracy has fallen. We have been taken over; defeated; our voices neutered; our freedoms trampled; our democracy vanquished.No invading force accomplished this; no jackboots echoed across our republic; no alien flag was raised above our lands. Not a single shot was fired by our vaunted military to halt this takeover. No, this was a quiet coup, accomplished from within, and conducted in stealth.

Source: Put Away the Fireworks… You Don’t Live in a Democracy Anymore

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Travel Alert to Black Men visiting the USA

Three Worlds One Vision

shit is real. you could die at the hands of the flaw in america just like that. even when you non confrontational and co-operative Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Issues Travel Advisory for Bahamians traveling to United States of America For Immediate Release 8 July 2016 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has […]

via Bahamas govt issues travel alert to it’s Black male citizens travelling to america — mark jacobs lives!

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Seasons: An Insight on Human Relations



When two people decide to experience the journey of life as a unit, they soon come to find that much like the Earth, they too experience seasons. Everyone has a favorite season, as well as one that is disliked… but how much control do we have on the seasons of our life compared to the seasons of the Earth?

One can not claim that they have control over the planet’s seasons, these are produced by methods beyond our comprehension (although science tries to personify the truth) as well as beyond our control. Though we can not control these seasons created by the planet, we can however prepare for them, adapt. Adaptation is not done quickly, rather over long periods of time (in relation to evolution), and is a vital point for our survival. Now that we have placed attention of the obvious, are there any relations to the seasons we…

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Guyana Government News Brief – July 6, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – July 6, 2016


BREXIT – The influence of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – By Nick Cohen – The Guardian UK

BREXIT – There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove 

Nick Cohen  The Guardian UK

The Brexit figureheads had no plan besides exploiting populist fears and dismissing experts who rubbished their thinking

Brexit leave logoWhere was the champagne at the Vote Leave headquarters? The happy tears and whoops of joy? If you believed Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the Brexit vote was a moment of national liberation, a day that Nigel Farage said our grateful children would celebrate with an annual bank holiday.

Johnson and Gove had every reason to celebrate. The referendum campaign showed the only arguments that matter now in England are on the right. With the Labour leadership absent without leave and the Liberal Democrats and Greens struggling to be heard, the debate was between David Cameron and George Osborne, defending the status quo, and the radical right, demanding its destruction. Johnson and Gove won a dizzying victory with the potential to change every aspect of national life, from workers’ rights to environmental protection.  Continue reading

Country flags of the world

Country flags of the world

Being an important symbol of the sovereign state, the national flags describe in their colors and design the history and the present day of the countries. The most famous of them have become the widely known symbols and country brands, recognized in every corner of the world. The most recognized are the flags of the USA and United Kingdom with their very symbolic and unique design, followed by the Canadian Maple Leaf.

flag-of-the USA flag-of-the U.K. flag-of-Canada

In the bestsellers list are the flags of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, China, Brazil and India.  [Read more]


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