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19F – The Night Venezuela Finally Imploded

Originally posted on Caracas Chronicles:

Penned-in protesters in Altamira, awaiting their fate. Penned-in protesters in Altamira, awaiting their fate.

Tonight, Venezuela is seeing a spasm of violence that’s unlike anything the country has experienced since 1989. Information is fragmented, since an almost complete media black-out is in place, but you don’t need the media to hear your neighbor’s screams.

Caracas, Valencia, Merida and San Cristobal in particular have become virtual war zones: National Guard units and National Police have been shooting tear gas canisters and buckshot sometimes directly at protesters, sometimes into residential buildings and, raiding any place they think student protesters may be hiding. Alongside them, the government backed colectivos (basically paramilitary gangs on motorbikes, a tropical basij) shoot at people with live ammo.

But of course, this is no war zone: in a war zone you have two sides shooting at each other. Tonight one side is doing all the shooting, the other side is doing all the being shot at.

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Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week


From Rosaliene Bacchus’ blog….

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Atmospheric CO2 - January 1959 to January 2015 - Mauna Loa ObservatoryAtmospheric CO2: January 1959 to January 2015
Mauna Loa Observatory – Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Source: CO2Now

Keeping Track of the Earth’s Atmospheric CO2

“If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced … to at most 350 ppm.”
~ Dr. James Hansen, former NASA Climatologist

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On Blogging: Finding Inspiration & Much More – By Rosaliene Bacchus


Rosaliene: Congratulation to you on your Very Inspiring Blogger Award. We look forward to your posts… please continue giving us your insights on the many subjects you cover in your Blog. Cheers!!

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Very Inspiring Blogger AwardVery Inspiring Blogger Award

When one’s day starts with news of terrorist attacks and more war, it’s good to receive unexpected news that makes one smile and warms the heart. I received such news recently from blogger, Dr. Gerald Stein, a retired psychotherapist in Chicago. His candid blog posts on our relationships are well articulated, insightful, and knitted together with engaging humor and honesty. In his latest post, he surprised me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

When I started my blog over three years ago, inspiring others was far from my mind. As a newbie novelist seeking to have my work published, I started my blog as a means of building my author’s platform.

After learning that I was working on a novel set in Guyana, a friend sent me the link to the Guyanese Online Blog as a source of information. The blog, published by Cyril…

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Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week – By Rosaliene Bacchus


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Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

IPCC Climate Change 2014 - Synthesis ReportIPCC – Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report
Photo Credit: IPCC

Observed changes in the climate system

“Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia. The atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amounts of snow and ice have diminished, and sea level has risen.”

~ Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report – Summary for Policymakers
U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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Caribbean Energy Security: When? At what cost?

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Caribbean Energy Security Summit - Washington DC, USA - January 2015Caribbean Energy Security Summit – Washington D.C. – USA
January 26-27, 2015
Photo Credit: Caribbean News

Global oil prices rise and fall for all kinds of reasons. Credit or blame for the current fall goes to increased shale oil production, led by the United States. Contrary to what one would imagine, for small developing nations like Guyana and other member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) that depend on oil imports to fuel their economies, the current low price is cause for concern.

Guyana, together with nine other members of the Caribbean Community, buys oil from Venezuela, South America’s largest oil producer. Under the PetroCaribe preferential payment program, members pay from 40 to 60 percent of the invoice value in cash upfront. The balance can be converted to a 25-year loan with interest rates from 1 to 4 percent.

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Analysis of Maya Angelou’s Awaking in New York Poem

Originally posted on Poetic Parfait:

New York of the famous Awakening in New York poem Times Square in New York, the City of Maya Angelou’s poem.

The poem “Awakening in New York” was written by Maya Angelou. She has been a personal hero to me, and I wrote a tribute to Maya after she passed away May 28, 2014 that you may remember. Her writing resonates within me, and that is why I enjoy reading and rereading poems written by her. The poem “Awakening in New York” is one example.

At the surface level, this poem is about waking up in the morning somewhere within the city of New York. However, there are deeper concepts to explore, such as the emotions felt by the narrator toward his or her self and the city. “Awaking in New York” (find the full text here at the Poetry Foundation) is told in the first-person narrative of “I.” It is never explained to the reader within the poem whether “I” is a male or female.

The imagery…

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Guyana American Asso. of Central Florida – Guyana Night – Orlando FL- February 21, 2015

Guyana Night 2015

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Guyana American Asso. of Central Florida – Guyana Night – Orlando FL- February 21, 2015

Eddy Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’ rocks the Superbowl ads list + videos and bio

Eddy Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’ rocks the Superbowl ads list

February 7, 2015 | By KNEWS
Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant

Guyanese International Superstar Eddy Grant was elated to find out that his iconic hit recording and song “Electric Avenue” would be featured in BMW’s Super Bowl commercial for the i3 electric car.

The ad features two of America’s best known television presenters, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric, who is seen dancing to the song at the end of the ad. Eddy Grant who lives in Barbados said: “I have been in the music industry for over forty years and it is nice to know that a song I wrote and recorded thirty-three years ago is still in demand and could still be relevant in today’s commercial market.  Continue reading

Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Cartoon by Kevin CannonPhoto Credit: Cartoon by Kevin Cannon

Everyone deserves access to independent scientific information so they can make smart, informed decisions on issues that affect their health, safety, and environment.
~ Union of Concerned Scientists

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“Obscure Life” – Poem by Black Brazilian Poet João da Cruz e Sousa

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision:

Black Lives MatterPhoto Credit: Black Lives Matter

In honor of Black History Month in the United States, my Poetry Corner February 2015features the poem “Vida Obscura” (Obscure Life) by Brazil’s greatest black poet João da Cruz e Sousa (1861-1898).

Born in the Southern State of Santa Catarina, Cruz e Sousa was the son of freed slaves. (Not until 1888 was slavery totally abolished in Brazil.) When their former slave owners adopted and gave João da Cruz their surname Sousa, it became both a blessing and a curse for the child named after Saint John of the Cross.

After he revealed great intellectual aptitude, they enrolled ten-year-old João de Cruz in the Liceu Provincial where he spent the next five years studying French, English, Latin, Greek, mathematics, and the Natural Sciences.

Exposed to higher education and Brazilian white society, Cruz e Sousa assumed he could enjoy the same dignity and…

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