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North Korea’s Kim Says “Mission Complete”: Will Abandon Nuke Tests, Seek Peace

North Korea’s Kim Says “Mission Complete”: Will Abandon Nuke Tests, Seek Peace

Kim Jong-un

Just a few short days after President Trump proclaimed “mission accomplished” in Syria, North Korea’s leader has followed suit, reportedly say the nuclear test site in the north of the country has completed its mission and will be abandoned.

Furthermore, Yonhap reports Kim says no further nuclear tests are needed, and will stop launching test-flights of ICBMs on April 21st.    Continue reading

Trump Opens a Pandora’s Box in Middle East – M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline

Trump Opens a Pandora’s Box in Middle East

M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline

There is no triumphalism in the USA, Britain or France over the missile strike in Syria on Friday

The mood is rather defensive. Indeed, evidence is still lacking on the alleged chemical attacks in Douma, which was the alibi for the missile strike. There are no tall claims, either, as regards the effectiveness of the missile strike in military terms.    Continue reading

Haitians Want No Charity, Prefer Freedom from Fake Humanitarian NGOs

Haitians Want No Charity, Prefer World Freeing Them from Fake Humanitarian NGOs

Haiti was struck by a manufactured disaster back on 12 January 2011 to pave the way for US ground invasion, NGO exploitation, and the corporate systematic plunder of its natural resources including gold. Of the billions that the concerned people of the world gave to Red Cross, the humanitarian agency was only able to build 7 houses for the Haitians.

No sources of potable water were ever developed out of the $13 billion raised by the Clinton Global Initiative either. Indeed, the Clintons have adapted themselves well from their Vatican masters, who themselves have the habit of sucking in most of what goes into their own Red Cross, of course.


‘Trade Wars are Good’? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

‘Trade Wars are Good’? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

Marc-William Palen | The Conversation UK

A bilateral trade war appears to be in full swing.

China and the U.S.A. are trading targeted tariffs on each others’ goods. Threats of retaliation by key U.S.A. allies like Canada and the Eu ropean Union prompted President Donald Trump to exempt a large group of countries from the steel and aluminum duties it announced last month, which means they will likely hit China hardest.      Continue reading

PALESTINE – A Song Is Born – By Uri Avnery

PALESTINE – A Song Is Born – By Uri Avnery

A FRIEND from overseas sent me the recording of a song. An Arab song, with a soft Arab melody, sung by an Arab girls’ choir, accompanied by a flute.

It goes like this:

Ahed / You are the promise and the glory / Standing as high as an olive tree / From the cradle to the present / Your honor will not be violated / Palestine has been planted in us / As a dock for every ship / We are the land and you are the water /              

You are covered with blond hair / You are as pure as Jerusalem / You taught our generation how the forgotten people should revolt / They thought the Palestinians are afraid of them because they are wearing armor and holding a weapon? / Palestine has been planted in us / As a dock for every ship / Our nation must be united and resist for the freedom of Palestine and the prisoners /      Continue reading

Venezuela: Jogging in Ciudad Guayana Became Obstacle Course Racing

Jogging in Ciudad Guayana Became Obstacle Course Racing

Carlos Hernández | Caracas Chronicles

Running is one of those things that communism hasn’t ruined for me yet, and as long as my running shoes don’t break, I’ll keep doing it (I don’t think I can replace those). I’m not that into fitness, but there’s something uplifting about taking a break and going for a run on my own. Problem is, these days the scenery turns a little more apocalyptic every time I go out.               Continue reading

Iran: The Fake Enemy – By Uri Avnery

The Fake Enemy – Uri Avnery

TOWARDS THE END of 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and declared war on the USA. Their Nazi ally followed with its own declaration of war, and so did all its satellites.

The joke tells about the Hungarian ambassador in Washington who delivered his declaration of war to the Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, who decided to have some fun.             Continue reading

CIA’s Pompeo as Secretary of State Intensifies Risk of US Attack on Iran – says Experts

by Jon Queally, staff writer – Common DreamsAppointing CIA director to lead State Department “furthers a dangerous trend in which Trump is increasingly surrounding himself with foreign policy hawks who fully support his erratic and belligerent foreign policy”

For all the reasons to be concerned about President Trump’s nomination of current CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, experts on Tuesday warn that an increase risk of a U.S.-initiated war with Iran should be at the top of the list.                READ MORE 

WORLD FACTS: The Deadliest Mass Shootings In History

WORLD FACTS: The Deadliest Mass Shootings In History

This page updated on February 23, 2018 by Jessica Dillinger | World Atlas

The largest mass shooting to ever occur was the 2014 Garissa University College Attack in Garissa, Kenya. 148 victims perished in the attack.

Statistics show that the number of mass shooting victims has increased significantly over the past four decades. In fact, the term “mass shooting” has only emerged in recent decades.  When it comes to dealing with gun massacres, the United States of America is unique in an unfortunate way.     

Continue reading

Kim Jong-un to meet Trump by May after North Korea invitation

Kim Jong-un to meet Trump by May …..

South Korea’s national security adviser confirms historic talks after relaying offer from Pyongyang to White House

Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to hold an unprecedented summit meeting to discuss the future of the embattled regime’s nuclear and missile programme.  ….. [The Guardian. UK] …


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