Barbados: PM Mia Mottley Wants Closer Ties with Eastern Caribbean States

Barbados: PM Mia Mottley Wants Closer OECS Ties

SHAWN CUMBERBATCH, – Nation News -18 June 2018


Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has served notice that Barbados wants to deepen political and economic cooperation with other islands in the Eastern Caribbean.

In her first regional speech since assuming office, Mottley yesterday told the 65th Meeting of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States’ (OECS) Authority that her administration wanted mutually beneficial solutions to various issues, including climate change, freedom of movement, and transportation challenges.     Continue reading

Canada legalises recreational cannabis use – first country in the G7 to do so

Canada legalises recreational cannabis use – BBC News Report

Canada’s parliament has passed a law legalising the recreational use of marijuana nationwide.

The Cannabis Act passed its final hurdle on Tuesday in a 52-29 vote in the Senate. The bill controls and regulates how the drug can be grown, distributed, and sold.

Canadians will be able to buy and consume cannabis legally as early as this September.  The country is the first in the G7 to legalise the drug’s recreational use.

Cannabis possession first became a crime in Canada in 1923 but medical use has been legal since 2001.     Continue reading

China’s New “Silk Road”: Future MEGAPROJECTS – Video

China’s New “Silk Road”: Future MEGAPROJECTS

The Daily Conversation  – Published on Jun 2, 2017

China’s $1 trillion One Belt One Road (New Silk Road) initiative is unprecedented in size and scope. President Xi Jinping has sealed mega-project deals with 65 countries to construct ports, power stations, rail lines, roads, and all the tunnels and bridges needed to connect them back to mainland China.

USA Politics: Trump is Everything Republicans Said Obama Was – commentary

Trump is Everything Republicans Said Obama Was

They called Obama an inexperienced, self-serving celebrity. Then their party chose Trump.

Tom Nichols | The Washington Post

Remember when Republicans feared the bungling diplomacy of a vain, inexperienced president and vowed to stop him before he destroyed our security?

In 2014, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) warned that President Barack Obama was “inflexibly clinging to campaign promises”. If the novice president expected Congress to “stand idly by and do nothing while he cuts a bad deal,” House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) said a year later, he and his party had two words for Obama: “Hell no!”    

“Our allies don’t trust us; our enemies don’t fear us; and the world doesn’t know where America stands,” went a 2015 presidential campaign ad for Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.).      Continue reading

Guyana Politics: The PPP – Clutching onto Straws

Guyana Politics: The PPP – Clutching onto Straws

In the absence of desperately needed political traction, the PPP has latched on to a rusty political strategy which well-thinking Guyanese largely see as outdated, unproductive and tribal.
In recent months, the PPP has not advanced any policy on the major issues in the country such as how to improve the economy, lower crime or reduce corruption.

Instead, it has repeatedly criticized almost every policy by the government on these issues. In some cases, it has taken legal action to overturn the appointment of the Chairman of the Guyana Election Commission and has issued frivolous charges against several ministers for misuse of state funds.      Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – June 16-18. 2018

News – 18 June 2018

Former Pres. Advisor…Investigate all oil blocks given out under PPP

SWFs aren’t enough to save economy when you become hooked on oil – Ramson

Alexander challenges Jagdeo to face-off on GECOM hiring

Benn claims GECOM bungled handling of multi-million procurement fraud

GRA not responsible for delays in opening of MovieTowne

My performance at GECOM is unsullied and I am aptly qualified – Former DCEO    Continue reading

The Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival – Queens NY. – June 24. 2018

Download: Dr. Dhanpaul Narine -The Queens Book Fair and Literary Festival

Download Flyer: Queen’s Book Fair Advertisement (See below)

Did Mexico’s win over Germany cause minor earthquake in Mexico City?

Mexico’s win over Germany appears to have caused seismic activity in Mexico City

ByBlake Schuster   FC Yahoo   

Fans crowd the streets of Mexico City for a watch party ahead of Mexico’s World Cup opener against Germany.

All throughout the World Cup there are numerous commercials aired showing how the entire planet seems to come to a halt once the tournament starts. Even better, those commercials show the pure, insane joy that floods a country when it scores a goal. It almost looks like the entire nation is jumping up and down at once.

It’s certainly a fun dramatization. Unless you live in Mexico, of course, where those scenes might feel more like a documentary.


Mexico fans set off earthquake sensors celebrating seismic World Cup win

Supporters in Mexico City watching Germany game cause two ‘artificial’ quakes during their team’s surprise win

The Guardian. UK.     READ MORE

Guyana Family Fun Day – Seattle WA. -August 12. 2018

Download: Guyana Family Fun Day – Seattle WA. -August 12. 2018

Guyana Heritage Foundation ~ Seattle is on Facebook.

Government of Canada – Improving Black Wealth via Mental Health – By Yvonne Sam

Government of Canada – Improving Black Wealth via Mental Health

By Yvonne Sam

The issue of mental health is not only taboo among Blacks, but also well hidden. Mental illness is looked upon as “White person’s disease;” Now the government of Canada is poised within range to bring about a cultural change.

I was recently invited to be part of one of several discussions—– the initial steps in the planning phase surrounding commitments made in the 2018 Government of Canada Budget on the health and well-being of Black Canadians. The Budget proposed the investment of $19 million over a 5year period, aimed at enhancing local community supports for youth at risk and to develop research in support of more culturally focused mental health programs in Black Canadian communities ($10 million administered by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and $9 million administered by Canadian Heritage).  Continue reading

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