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Jagdeo shifts Sharma TV ban to after elections

Jagdeo shifts Sharma TV ban to after elections

October 9, 2011 – Demerara Waves  < link

CNS TV6 - Guyana

   President Bharrat Jagdeo on Sunday announced that he will let the four-month suspension on CNS TV6 begin from December 1 instead of October 3 so that the opposition parties will have no excuse for the whipping the PPP will inflict on them in the 2011 General and Regional Elections.

Jagdeo made the revelation at the PPP’s rally in Kitty where he also made it public that he had signed an order identifying November 28 as the election date.    Continue reading

CNS TV6 suspended for four months; Opposition Outraged

CNS TV6 suspended for four months; to lay off workers

Demerara Waves – 30 September, 2011

President Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday decided to suspend the privately-owned CNS TV6 for allegedly libelous statements against Juan Edghill by Tony Vieria in a commentary four months ago.

The station goes off air on Monday by which time the licensee would receive a formal notification of the suspension.

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The Tony Vieira commentary: re CNS TV6 Suspension

September 30, 2011:

Today, CNS TV6 license was suspended for four months by the Guyana government.  Here is the broadcast that was used as the reason for the suspension:

The Tony Vieira commentary on May 4, 2011: re the CNS TV6 Suspension

Vicious agenda       –  Commentary by Tony Vieira

First of all I would like to address the drivel written in the Kaieteur news dated Saturday 26th February 2011 by one Azeem Khan of the ERC, frankly Khan completely missed the point I was making, since he is clearly an idiot and I will not answer the nonsense he wrote directly but I will make the following statement for his benefit since he seems to be completely unaware that almost everyone in this country despises the ERC and Juan Edghill and what it stands for, since it has been completely corrupted by Bharat Jagdeo.  Before I go further I want to remind everyone that Mr. Jagdeo who has co-opted Juan Edghill to marginalise the Christian religion in this country, dances at Christian functions assisted by Raphael Trotman, I kept asking myself if it is possible that Trotman, an intelligent, politically active man could possibly have missed Jagdeo’s agenda regarding the Christians in this country, to have joined him on stage in a celebration of Christianity as he did? Come on Raf you have to be aware of these things, most of your constituents are Christians and you are dancing with a man who has been systematically attempting to deprive them of their rights.    Continue reading

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