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The notion that white workers elected Trump is a myth – By Paul Street 

The notion that white workers elected Trump is a myth that suits the ruling class

Trump didn’t win the working class. The Democrats lost it.

When a false narrative becomes pervasive, ask cui bono? Who benefits?

Take the notion that Donald Trump rode into the White House on a great upsurge of support from poor, white working-class voters drawn to the Republican candidate’s “populist” pitch in key Rust Belt states. This conventional “Rust Belt rebellion” wisdom was pronounced on the front page of the nation’s newspaper of record, The New York Times, one day after the election.   Continue reading

American Cities and States Affirm Commitment to Paris Climate Agreement – by Rosaliene Bacchus

American Cities and States Affirm Commitment to Paris Climate Agreement

by Rosaliene Bacchus    Reblogged from JoAnn Chateau:


If Donald Trump wanted to prove he is irrelevant, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement seals the deal. American mayors and governors are prepared to fill the gap. As NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says, “When our national government falls down on the job, local government steps up.”

Mayor de Blasio Signs Executive Order to Adopt Goals of Paris Climate Agreement for New York City | NYC Mayor’s Office…

Read more… Go to the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog

We the people of America who know that climate change is a fact cannot falter now in moving forward on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning to clean energy resources.

Hillary Clinton Returns to Wellesley and Rips Trump with Nixon Comparison

Hillary Clinton Returns to Wellesley and Rips Trump with Nixon Comparison

Hillary Clinton

To wild cheers at her alma mater, where she made a fiery speech nearly 50 years ago, Clinton condemns ‘assault on truth and reason’ and issues rallying cry: ‘Don’t let anyone tell you your voice doesn’t matter’

Sabrina Siddiqui in Wellesley, Massachusetts | The Guardian UK

Taking the stage nearly 50 years ago at Wellesley, the liberal arts college famed for its activism, student body president Hillary Rodham turned to address roughly 400 of her female peers.

As the first ever student to speak at the school’s commencement, or graduation ceremony, she faced a daunting task in addressing the prevailing climate of 1969. In a tumultuous period marked by the Vietnam war and social justice movements, Rodham was poised to discuss how her generation could effect change.     Continue reading

Once a Messiah, Trump Could Turn Out to Be Israel Right’s Worst Nightmare – Analysis:

Analysis: Once a Messiah, Trump Could Turn Out to Be Israel Right’s Worst Nightmare

The U.S.A. president’s cordial phone conversation with Mahmoud Abbas shows the growing influence of Sunni states, led by Saudi Arabia.

Chemi Shalev | Haaretz

You don’t have to love Donald Trump to enjoy him sometimes. Over the weekend, Trump spoke to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and upset – and if he didn’t, he should have upset – the entire Israeli right. A U.S.A. president who states his commitment to a “comprehensive agreement that would end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” and who emphasizes “his personal belief that peace is possible and that the time has come to make a deal” is one who spells trouble for Jewish settlers and their champions.    Continue reading

The problem isn’t Trump, it’s bigger – By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The problem isn’t Trump, it’s bigger

While we resist, we also need to promote a positive agenda of what we want to see.

Opinion - commentary -analysisBy  Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers  – February 6, 2017 | Op-Ed

Trump is a symptom of a long­ term trend of a failing democracy that is too closely tied to Wall Street and the war machine. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are part of this failed system that does not represent the people of the United States. This week the Economist Intelligence Unit issued its ninth annual Democracy Index. In doing so the report described the decline of U.S. democracy as developing over decades.

People have lost faith in the elected government with “political disaffection with the functioning of democracy.” They also describe Donald Trump as “being a beneficiary of the low esteem in which U.S. voters hold their government, elected representatives and political parties, but he was not responsible for a problem that has had a long gestation.   Continue reading

President Kong – By Uri Avnery

President Kong – By Uri Avnery

Posted 28 Jan. 2017. [Avnery is 94-years old in 2017]

I KNEW he reminded me of somebody, but I couldn’t quite place it. Who was it who pounded his chest with such

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

vigor?  And then I remembered. It was the hero of a movie that was produced when I was 10 years old: King Kong.

King Kong, the giant primate with the heart of gold, who scaled huge buildings and downed airplanes with his little finger.

Wow. President Kong, the mightiest being on earth.      Continue reading

President Trump’s Policies and the Caribbean – by Sir Ronald Sanders

President Trump’s Policies and the Caribbean

– by Sir Ronald Sanders – Kaieteur News

Sir Ronald Sanders

Sir Ronald Sanders

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is systematically implementing the pledges he made during the Presidential election campaign.   Those who argued that limitations on Presidential power and the restraining hands of Cabinet and Congress, would cause many, if not all, of the President’s promises to fall by the wayside, are now becoming convinced of his determination.

He had re-enforced that determination in his Inauguration speech when he told the world, “From this moment on, it’s going to be America First”.      Continue reading

The real purpose of the U.S. government’s report on alleged hacking by Russia – By Chris Hedges

The real purpose of the U.S. government’s report on alleged hacking by Russia

ica-reportWelcome to our annus horribilis.

January 20, 2017— Inauguration Day or Black Friday? – By Yvonne Sam

January 20, 2017— Inauguration Day or Black Friday?

By Yvonne Sam

Opinion - commentary -analysisAbraham Lincoln, the 16th president, guided America through the most devastating experience in its national history–the CIVIL WAR. Is Donald Trump the 45th president and also a Republican up to the task?

What is past will certainly be prologue. It has all happened before and will happen again

What is past is prologue.

The Bard of Avon is quoted as saying, “What is past is prologue”.  In Act 2 Scene 1 of the Shakespearean play The Tempest, Antonio attempts to convince Sebastian to murder his sleeping father Alonso, King of Naples, so that Sebastian can become king. All that had taken place up until then- their past- was merely a prologue, to the great things to come if they carried out the deed. The past is of vital importance, as it defines the present and as a consequence sets the stage for the future. For Donald Trump the soon to be inaugurated 45th president of the United States, the stage has already been set,the future ill defined, with disastrous consequences looming on the horizon.   Continue reading

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she blew off Sanders activists and voters

Hillary Clinton lost the November election because she blew off Sanders activists and voters

The anger among Sanders backers by the time of the convention at the end of July was palpable.

The incredible “group-think” that has seen the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, President Obama, the Clinton campaign and most of the corporate media braying that Vladimir Putin scandalously upended American democracy and threw the election to his favored candidate Donald Trump is based on a ludicrous premise. That premise: that the election went Trump’s way because several tens of thousands of voters in a few states – Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – switched away from Clinton to Trump because of an alleged (and factually unproven) Russian “hack” of Democratic National Committee and of Hillary campaign chair John Podesta’s emails.    Continue reading

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