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Guyana: Sagga’s murder…Cops remanded

Sagga’s murder…Cops remanded

Lawyers seek protective custody as ‘Best Cop’, colleague enters jail

With a hostile crowd outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, two cops accused of ordering the murder of a prominent businessman, were yesterday refused bail after being charged with murder.

Corporal Derwin Eastman who was once Best Cop for ‘A’ Division and his colleague, Constable Jemison Williams, who are both attached to the Brickdam Police Station, arrived at the Court shortly after 14:00 hrs yesterday and were remanded to prison for the murder of Godfrey Scipio known as “Sagga”.    Continue reading

Guyana: History-rich Pomeroon coffee breaking new ground

Guyana: History-rich Pomeroon coffee breaking new ground

……  It is being heralded as the oldest coffee in the New World.

Nov 19, 2017 – Kaieteur News

Louis Holder explaining the critical functions of the computer-controlled coffee roaster.

More than two centuries later, it appears that one of Guyana’s oldest secret is on the verge of making a comeback, on a commercial scale, and it is being welcomed with open arms.

From the farms of Pomeroon, Region Two, to the Project Dawn compound, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, ‘Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee’ is breaking new ground (no pun intended).    Continue reading

How tainted is the Guyana Police Force? – By Adam Harris

How tainted is the Guyana Police Force?

Nov 19, 2017 – Kaieteur News – By Adam Harris

The case of Godfrey Scipio, called ‘Sagga’, continues to stun the nation. This past week the Major Crimes Unit arrested a policeman who was once at the top of the law enforcement pile. This policeman got an on-the-spot promotion in 2015 for solving a series of robberies and even one murder.

He was adjudged the Best Cop in ‘A’ Division and the runner up Best Cop in the police force. He seemed to know who the criminals were and he would lead his colleagues to the home of the criminal or to the location where the criminal was. Pretty soon the reputation of the Guyana Police Force soared.     Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – November 22-23. 2017

News –23 November 2017

DPP, Police Legal Advisor hold two dozen SOCU files

No signing bonus with ExxonMobil – Finance Minister

Explosive revelations in more leaked AFC emails

School sexual abuse allegations… Accused teacher sent on administrative leave to facilitate probe – Minister

Unscrupulous lawyers continue to fleece clients

Forestry sector suffers hard blow to overall export value – GFC

Int’l court or more talks? No clear date as Guyana, Venezuela meet again on border

Chinese Govt. gives $48M grant to Education Ministry 

….… See more News Links below  ……       Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – November 20-21. 2017

News –21 November 2017

AFC moves to revise Cummingsburg Accord

Allegations of appalling sexual misconduct at senior city secondary school

Allegations of political interference being made by those who have something to hide – SARA head

Contractor paid $36M for $2.6M foundation works

Int’l firm to value GuySuCo will be known by mid-December

Govt. will pay dearly for ignoring the people’s concerns- TIGI Head

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CSJAD Newsletter: Special Edition – November 2017

Download:  CSJAD newsletter Special Edition-. Nov. 2017

Over 30 “Likely New” Species of Biodiversity Found at Guyana’s Kaieteur National Park


Some of the new species found at Kaieteur National Park

Over 30 “Likely New” Species of Biodiversity Found at Guyana’s Kaieteur National Park

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Tuesday November 21, 2017 – More than 30 species of fish, plants and other creatures that may have been undiscovered until recently, have been found in Guyana’s Kaieteur National Park.        Continue reading

GUYANA SPEAKS: Sunday, 26th November + Bourda Bazaar on 10th December 2017 – London

Dear All,

Please find below a reminder of this coming Sunday’s Guyana Speaks: ‘What will Oil do for Guyana?’ with Rex McKenzie, Christopher Ram and Dr Vincent Adams.     

 I’ve included a flyer about our Bourda Bazaar on Sunday, 10th December. The Bourda Bazaar will be opened by His Excellency F. Hamley Case and include musical performances from musicians, Keith Waithe, and Seetal Gurprashad (previously of the Hot Shots).  There will also be an exhibition of work by the artists, George ‘Fowokan’ Kelly and Rebecca Sharples as well as stallholders selling Guyanese products as varied as books, jewellery, greeting cards, cushion covers, collages, food  (e.g., conkie, pone, cassareep, etc) and drink.      Continue reading

My UG Convocation Address – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

My UG Convocation Address – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The lady next to me was puzzled. She couldn’t understand why I was “taking the trouble to visit Guyana to speak for only fifteen minutes.” I explained that it was the most important speech of my life. She smiled and shook her head, unmoved and unconvinced. It came to pass that I was standing before hundreds of graduates amidst pomp and ceremony and this is what happened: If only Ma can see me now!

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. We welcome your Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Ministers of the Government, Members of the Opposition, the Pro-Chancellor, the Chancellor of the University of Guyana, our esteemed Vice-Chancellor, and the Faculty and students of the University. A special welcome also to the overseas students of UG. In my time we didn’t have you, so welcome to our beautiful country.     Continue reading

‘When I Speak of History’ – by Leonard Dabydeen

When I Speak of History’  – by Leonard Dabydeen

November 18, 2017

When I speak of history I speak well;
I leave behind the past where broken bones
Lay scattered on blistering sands to tell
Of atrocities that are mostly groans.

While you may feel the pain lurking inside
With hurt failing any impunity;
And browse pages upon pages to ride
This feeling of guilt, remorse or pity,

It was Columbus sailing the great tides
Out discovering many a new world;
And Sir Francis Drake loved the battle cries –
Chicanery as a new age unfurled.

The mind finds revelations in the past,
So meaningful and useful to the last.


Leonard Dabydeen is author of Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems , Xlibris Publication(2012); Searching for You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems, Xlibris Publication (2015)

Ref: The Society


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