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The Venezuela/Guyana Boundary Question – Analysis By Professor Clifton Child

The Venezuela/Guyana Boundary Question – Analysis By Professor Clifton Child

A dispute between Venezuela and British Guiana ( Great Britain) in the 1800s over the boundary between the two countries led to the Treaty of Washington which created an Arbitration Tribunal to settle the dispute. Both Venezuela and Britain agreed in the Treaty (signed) that the Award will be “full, perfect and final.”

The 5-member Tribunal consisted of 2 American Judges on behalf of Venezuela, 2 British Judges on behalf of British Guiana and a Russian Judge as the President. The Tribunal began hearings in Paris, France, in June 1899 and rendered its Award in October, 1899.

Under the Award, Venezuela received 5,000 square miles of British Guiana’s territory which included the oil-rich Orinoco Basin. The Award was accepted by the Governments of Venezuela and Britain.  Continue reading

Guyana: Second Vice President Ramjattan, eight more cabinet Ministers sworn in

Second Vice President Ramjattan, eight more cabinet Ministers sworn in

MAY 23, 2015 | BY – Govt creates special ministry in charge of passports, citizenship
new ministers b

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A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) yesterday (May 22), swore in nine more candidates as Ministers of Government.
During the ceremony at the Ministry of the Presidency, it was revealed that President David Granger has crafted three new Ministries – the Ministry of Governance, Ministry of Citizenship and Ministry of Business.

Those portfolios will be held by co-founder of Alliance for Change (AFC) and former House Speaker, Raphael Trotman; former Police Commissioner, Winston Felix and businessman, Dominic Gaskin.

AFC Leader, Attorney-at-Law Khemraj Ramjattan was appointed Second Vice President and Minister of Public Safety, formerly the Ministry of Home Affairs. Continue reading

US says ‘No’ to Fly Jamaica, Caribbean Airlines direct GEO-NY flights

US says ‘No’ to Fly Jamaica, Caribbean Airlines direct GEO-NY flights

Tuesday, 01 October 2013 – Demerara Waves

The United States Department of Transportation (Dot) has denied requests Caribbean Airlines and Fly Jamaica to fly direct from Georgetown to New York, saying the carriers did not provide compelling evidence that doing so will be in the public’s interest.

“In light of these existing Georgetown-New York services and the lack of a showing by the applicants on the record that there is a truly demonstrable need for additional Georgetown-New York services, we are unable to find that the CAL and Fly Jamaica seventh freedom turnaround proposals satisfy our public interest test for the type of extraordinary authority at issue,’ states the order dated September 30.

The Guyana government had hoped that the granting of flag carrier statuses to Caribbean Airlines and Fly Jamaica would have aided those airlines in offering cheaper direct flights from Georgetown to New York.   Continue reading

National Archives UK – Photos – Caribbean & Guyana

The National Archives UK > Collections Caribbean

The Public Buildings - Georgetown  - British Guiana

Caribbean Listing: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalarchives/collections/72157630635006206

Guyana pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalarchives/sets/72157630712109326/

These images are from the Colonial Office library photographic collection (CO 1069) and the Central Office of Information British Empire collection of photographs (INF 10) have been added to Flickr so that you can comment, tag and share them easily. The images are also being used to develop exciting national community outreach projects.          Continue reading

Guyana Music Picks plus various artistes – 57 videos autoplay

INDIA- Emerging Party in 2014 Election Led by Narendra Modi

Emerging Party in 2014 Election in India Led by Militant “Orator”  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 – By Papri Sri Raman, Truthout | Op-Ed

India, like the United States, is one of the largest democracies in the world – and also home to 1.23 billion people. By April 2014, the country will elect a lower House of Parliament for the 16th time. These elections are being described by the media as a “game changer.” The government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, led by the Congress Party (Indian National Congress), has been in power since 2004, and the nation is believed to be spoiling for a change. In India, psephologists (those who study elections) call it the “anti-incumbency factor.” Then, this is a country that loves to play the game of predictions. All in all, the political cauldron is bubbling in this corner of the earth, stewing in it is the “Idea of India.”

Why should that interest the world? With the Syria and Iran weapons issues on the table and a general economic slowdown, the world’s eyes are not turned to India.Yet remember, it is recession that created conditions for the Third Reich.   Continue reading

Guyanese American attorney /Politician charged with Election Campaign Fraud

Guyanese American attorney and Politician charged with Election Campaign Fraud in Richmond Hill Queens New York.

October 24, 2012 – Capitol News –  A Guyanese American politician in the Richmond Hill section of Queens New York, has been charged in a scheme involving allegedly, the use of Straw Donors to funnel multiple illegal contributions to his 2010 New York City Council Campaign.

The well-known Guyanese American politician has over the years, sought to use the large Guyanese ethnic community to bolster his political ambitions in New York. This afternoon the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), announced the unsealing of fraud and obstruction of justice charges against Albert Baldeo, who is a Democratic District Leader in Queens, New York.  Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter- May 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: May 2012

Download:    #26 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2012

This monthly newsletter is published on the last day of every month, with news and events for that month.  About 70% of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, but recent 30-day Blog statistics show that our blog, with over 42,000 hits, was visited by persons in over 140 countries.  Guyanese Associations can advertise FREE in this newsletter and blog, so send in your information early for the next issue.  Companies can advertise at very low rates.  Please write to Cyril Bryan at cybryan@gmail.com.

This 26th issue has 26 pages.  Here are the major news categories: Guyana’s 46th Independence Celebrations – 2012; Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; City of Georgetown News; Agriculture, Forestry and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Guyanese Associations; Tourism; Arts and Cultural News; Caribbean and Regional News; Top 30 Blog Entries and statistics and the advertising  of events for various Guyanese Associations.

Download: #26 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – May 2012

May 2012 Newsletter – Download:  May 2012 Newsletter — List of Articles  or view below:-  Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter: Nov-Dec 2011

Nov-Dec 2011 Newsletter – Inside this Issue

Download: Guyanese Online Newsletter -Nov-Dec 2011

Page-1 – GUYANA ELECTIONS 2011 – Articles on the Elections;  Government, opposition to exchange lists of priority issues

Page 2 – Guyana’s Elections – A new era begins – Editorial;   Nov 15 – Dec 15 – 30 Most popular Blog entries

Page 3 – Guyana’s Parliament – History, Constitution and Operations; GUYANA’S CABINET – after 2011 ELECTIONS

Page 4 – Caribbean electorates: Not for sale – Commentary

Page 5 – New mining deal set to rake in whopping US$1.6B;  Guyana Goldfields considers selling Aurora operations

Page 6 – CGX Awards Drilling Contract for Off-shore Eagle Well ;   GGMC to be overhauled, new Commissioner identified;  Royal Caribbean – An iPad in every cabin

Page 7 – Combined opposition to push for higher wages, lower taxes;  Youth group denies calling for boycott of dozens of businesses Continue reading

Save Guyana: History summons its leaders to higher purpose

Save Guyana: History summons its leaders to higher purpose
Published on December 2, 2011
by Sir Ronald Sanders
November 28 general elections in Guyana have resulted in a crisis for the country. While it is being suggested that the elected President, Donald Ramotar, of the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) can appoint and run a minority government, it is an unrealistic proposition.
Sir Ronald Sanders is a
business executive and
former Caribbean diplomat
who publishes widely
on small states in the global
community. Reponses to:

Ramotar was elected president by a plurality of the votes but the PPP/C failed to get an overall majority in the National Assembly.

The complex Guyana constitution provides for an electoral system of proportional representation under which the country is divided into 10 regions returning 25 members of the National Assembly and another 40 being allocated nationally on the proportion of votes cast for a party. To control the National Assembly, a party must secure more than 50% of the votes cast.

However, the president in whom executive authority lies, according to the constitution, only requires a plurality of the votes to be elected.    Continue reading


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