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My take on Davis Casavis’s “Thomas Carroll Affair” – Ralph Seeram


JULY 28, 2013 | BY KNEWS | From the Diaspora…By Ralph Seeram

Sometime in the late nineties a friend of mine here in the United States asked me to loan him US$8,000. I had known him from boyhood days so if he was in a “jam” I would not have had any hesitation to loan him the money with just a “handshake”. I was agreeable to loan him the money, until he told me the reason.
He wanted to give the money to his sister in Guyana, who in turn will use it to buy a visa in Guyana to come to the USA.

The idea did not appeal to me. First I doubt anyone in the US Embassy in Georgetown will sell a visa. Secondly I did not like the repayment method. His sister will work when she comes here and repay me. I told my friend I had just made some other investments.   Continue reading

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