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A Difficult but Necessary Matter of Balance

This entry has been re-blogged from the blog of one of the subscribers to Guyanese Online. It has some very interesting insights.

~Burning Woman~

 (thoughts from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara)

I haven’t had much time for blogging lately, being as they say, busy.  But surprisingly, I’ve had time, perhaps too much time, to think about this world, about its overall condition and where it is heading, apparently heedless and unaware.  I know this is a judgment forming an opinion, but not once in my entire life of 70 years has my sense of where things are going ever been wrong.  It’s like a compass in my mind, something I can “see” and rely on entirely, basing my personal movements on it, knowing when to “hold and when to fold” as the song goes.

I feel massive waves of sorrow passing over me time and again, triggered by many encounters: a baby in its mother’s arms; an old man hunched over waiting to safely cross a busy street; a homeless lady holding a sign…

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Paradox of Our Times – slide show

Paradox of Our Times – slide show

This is a very enlightening slide show with some pictures of Hong Kong in 2010, as the background to philosophical statements relating to the present human condition.

Paradox of our times – showing Hong Kong 1010 < click to download

It highlights the Paradox of Our Times whereby we have so much but really enjoy so little, as we have become so materialistic and “outward looking” rather than “inward looking” for the true  meaning of LIFE.  Very enlightening!

ENJOY EACH MOMENT OF EACH DAY –  It may be your last…

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